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mirrored ceilings

Mirrored ceiling - a visual extension of the space

Faced with the problem of lack of space in the apartment, people are trying to solve it in different ways. Today, designers offer many options for visual enlargement of the room.

For example, mirrored ceilings, which help to create a cozy nest, even in a small Khrushchev.

How to blur horizons and visually enlarge the space

To make room above, wider and more canuse several methods: make a multi-level or suspended ceiling or ceiling of glossy paint coat. This design wizard to design a small room are advised to use light colors, and pay more attention to proper artificial lighting.

But the rich and elegant option thatIt creates the illusion of infinity - a mirrored ceiling. Correctly apply advanced optical techniques, from a small and dark room can make the room bright and spacious, full of comfort.

Mirrors on the ceiling - a popular and very interesting design solution that helps increase the space without the need for additional effects.

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Mirrors for the bathroom and living room

Mirrored ceiling fits equally well indifferent style interiors. The tile of the mirrors can be used in the bathroom, and when you make a small bedroom ceiling. This mirror tiles has a number of advantages that make the lining material the most popular. Firstly, it is worth noting aesthetics, moisture resistance and functionality material. In addition, the mirror tiles do not require special care and has a quick installation.

Allocate rack and cassette types mirror tiles. The price of the cassette ceiling is much lower rack, greatly increasing its popularity and demand among buyers.

Hanging mirrored ceiling, cassette-typeis a square modules of steel or aluminum with a matte or glossy finish. Many manufacturers do not only perforated tape to improve the ventilation properties, but also is filled with minerals modules as fiberglass insulation material. Additional modules makes the surface polishing and mirror smooth.

In the Russian market mirrored ceilings can meet both domestic manufacturers and overseas: China, Germany, USA Sweden, United Kingdom.

The design of the room mirror tiles canused to decorate the ceiling or of its individual parts. To better imagine the decorative possibilities of the material and the variation of the result, see the photo is ready mirrored ceilings in the catalogs of companies engaged in the sale and installation of mirrored tiles.

Gluing tiles modules can only be perfectflat surface, otherwise the wrong angle of refraction is easy to spoil the general view of the ceiling structure. At a certain skill to mount a ceiling can be their own hands.

Independently performing mirrored ceiling installation, do not forget that this material is very fragile and requires careful handling.

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In conclusion, it is worth noting that the mirrortile does not accumulate static electricity and is resistant to corrosion, even in rooms with high humidity. In addition, modern design cassette ceilings - an environmentally friendly material that is not susceptible to burning. Mirrored ceilings in the interior - it's the variety of design solutions for small apartments that give the room space, fill it with light and air.

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