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MIRRORED ceilings


Mirrored ceilings - visual expansion of space</a>

Faced with the lack of space in the apartment, people try to solve it in different ways. Today, designers offer many options for visual expansion of the room.

For example, mirror ceilings, which will help create a cozy nest, even in a small Khrushchev.

How to blur the horizons and visually increase the space

To make the room higher, wider and larger, you canUse several methods: to make a multi-level or stretch ceiling or to cover the ceiling with glossy paint. At the same time, masters of design to design a small room are advised to use light tones and pay more attention to correct artificial lighting.

But the richest and chic version thatCreates the illusion of infinity - a mirror ceiling. Correctly applying modern optical techniques, from a small and dark room you can make a bright and spacious room filled with comfort.

Mirrors on the ceiling are a popular and very interesting design solution that helps to increase space without resorting to additional effects.

Mirrors for bathroom and living room

The mirror ceiling fits in equally well withDifferent in style interiors. The tiles from the mirrors can be used both in the bathroom and when decorating the ceiling of a small bedroom. Moreover, the mirror tile has a number of advantages, which make this facing material the most popular. First, it is worth noting the aesthetics, moisture resistance and functionality of the material. In addition, the mirror tile does not require special care and is fast erect.

Isolate the rack and cassette types of mirror tiles. At the same time, the price of the cassette ceiling is lower than the rack-mount ceiling, which significantly increases its popularity and popularity among customers.

Suspended mirror ceiling cassette typeIs a square module of steel or aluminum with a matte or glossy surface. Many manufacturers make cassettes not only perforated to improve the ventilation properties, but also fill the modules with glass fiber minerals as a heat-insulating material. Additional polishing makes the surface of the modules mirror and smooth.

On the Russian market of mirrored ceilings can be found both domestic manufacturers, and foreign: from China, Germany, Sweden the USA, Great Britain.

In the design of the room, mirrored tiles canTo decorate the ceiling or its individual parts. To better imagine the decorative possibilities of the material and the variation of the result, it is worthwhile to look through the photos of the finished mirror ceilings in the catalogs of the companies that sell and install the mirror tiles.

Tile modules can only be glued on ideallyFlat surface, otherwise the wrong angle of refraction will easily spoil the overall appearance of the ceiling structure. With a certain skill, you can mount such a ceiling with your own hands.

Independently installing the mirror ceiling, do not forget that this material is very fragile and requires careful handling.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the mirrorTiles do not accumulate static electricity and is resistant to corrosion even in rooms with a high level of humidity. In addition, modern cassette pendant structures are environmentally friendly material that can not be burned. Mirror ceilings in the interior is a variety of design solutions for small apartments that give space space, fill it with light and air.

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