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odnozubka garlic Rocambole

Garlic Rocambole - a perennial plant of the family of bows, that's why it is also called onion-garlic.

This powerful plant grows from 70 cm to 1 m in height.

Leaves on Rocambole resemble the leaves of onionleek, and a large head (about the size of a fist) is divided into teeth like garlic. This garlic has the original taste, combining the flavor of onion and garlic at the same time. Therefore, it can be replaced and the onions, and garlic in many dishes.

agrotechnics. Rocambole prefers open, illuminatedareas with fertile soil. It can be put on the spot where grew cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, beans. The soil is better to be prepared in autumn, making it manure or compost. Most often, the garlic planted in the spring, but it is possible and autumn planting. In this case, the beds need to hide in order to avoid freezing of planting material.

Before planting the bulbs (if mnogozubkovye,it should be divided into slices) should be cleaned of excess scales, carefully remove the old stems and soak overnight in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Planted in rows 25-30 cm, and between the teeth -. 15-20 cm is better to sort out the kinks in size to the plant uniformly developed and matured simultaneously. The ground should be sealed to a depth of 5-8 cm. The larger the clove, the deeper planting.

Care of garlic is the weeding, watering,mandatory loosening the soil between rows, not only, but also around the plant. The following should be timely watering, which is necessary for the formation of bulbs. Usually, if the soil is well fertilized, the feeding of plants is not required.

Cleaning garlic. In September, when the lower leaves beginwither, and the top turn yellow and fall, you can tidy up the plants. Digging garlic must be careful to avoid cutting off any kids. When cleaning the heads of the land does not allow strikes, as the bulbs are very sensitive to injuries. After harvesting the garlic you need to tie in bunches with tops and hang in a ventilated place. After drying, cut the stems and roots lay in the storage in a ventilated area.

If garlic is planted in the spring, then of clovesodnozubka grows large. And planted in the autumn, grow bulb with several (usually 4-6) teeth. Reproduction Rocambole can be carried out, and the children, which are formed at the bottoms of the head.

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