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How to milk a goat


Usually goats are milked, coming to them from behind.</a>

Goat's milk is very useful. It is absorbed better than cow's, so it can even be given to allergy sufferers.

In addition, a goat is much easier to maintain than a cow. She does not need a huge barn, and she consumes much less food.

In the milking of a goat there is nothing complicated, you just need to know how it is done.

You will need

  • - goat
  • - pail
  • - Warm water
  • - dry towel
  • - Vaseline



Young Goats, Waiting for its first litter, it is necessaryBegin to accustom to the future milking during pregnancy. Smooth her, affectionately talk to her, wipe the udder, so that the animal is accustomed to your touch.


In the first days after the birth of milking Goats Should be 3-4 times a day. If the animal resists the procedure, let the kid go to her to suck the mother on one side, then start milking with the other.


To make the milk clean, wash the uddersWarm water, wipe it with a dry soft cloth. It is not necessary to say that your hands should be perfectly clean, and your nails trimmed. Take the nipple of the goat in a fist so that the thumb is snug against its base near the udder. Press the nipple with your finger in this place, squeeze the milk contained in the nipple with your fist.


The first trickles, strain on the floor, in the milk ductCould accumulate dirt and bacteria, they do not need you. Do not pull the udder and do not pull it, just clamp your fingers consistently from top to bottom, forcing the milk to flow out of the nipple.


Try not to delay milking, rhythmicIn successive movements, empty the udder. Milk, given out with the last jets, is rich in fats, so the fatness of all the milking in general will depend on your diligence.


The more often you milk GoatsThe more carefully you do it, the moreMilk you will get, so do not be lazy. In a couple of months, you can transfer the animal and two times milking, but beware that the milk yields will decrease immediately.


After milking, lubricate the nipples with a thick cream orPetroleum jelly. This will protect the nipples from the appearance of cracks. During milking, you can moisten them with milk, expressed in a palm. Goats quickly get used to the fact that they are milked, and if you do it carefully, then no problems with milking should arise.

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