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WAYS of insulation and upholstery of doors


Ways of warming and upholstery of doors</a>

The front door requires no less attention and care than the interior.

This is due to the load the door can withstand. After all, her "duties" include not only protecting the house from uninvited guests, but also noise and heat insulation of the corridor.

But often the old doors do not cope with all this, and they need to be insulated and insulated.

Despite the seeming simplicity of doing thisWork, as an upholstery or warming of doors, it is necessary to observe the instruction very precisely. Otherwise, you will not restore the thermal insulation, and the noise will penetrate into the apartment with the same capacity.

Warming of doors

The choice of how to insulate the door depends on the differentFactors - for example, from what material it is made, or what part (doorway, box, cloth itself) you want to make more secure. Most often, metal doors are insulated, as in recent years it has been installed exactly like this. A set for the insulation of the entrance door can be easily purchased at any specialized store. The composition of such a set usually includes:
- foam-
- paint-
- paper clip-
- plaster-
- Insulant.

Alternatively, you can easily assemble this set yourself. Everything you need today is freely available at any hardware store.

If the door is made of two sheets of metal,Its insulation will look like this. Remove the inner lining, then inside, lay the heater, try to level it and fix it with mounting foam. Then install the back panel and screw it. If you removed the door from the hinges, hang it back.

If you have a door with one sheet of metal, the principleThe insulation is the same, only the heater is hidden under the dermatine or wooden sheathing. It should be borne in mind that the thickness of the seal should be equal to the width of the door profile.

Those who still have wooden doors, alsoIt is worth taking care of additional insulation. Naturally, in this case it is also very important to correctly evaluate the design of the door. One of the options - skin by the same principle as the metal. It is enough to remove the lining from one side, lay inside the insulation and collect the door back. However, it often happens that the wooden door is solid. In this case, you can make the door warmer with the upholstery. To do this, you need a soft filler, such as batting, nails and dermantin. In this case, remove the door from the hinges, release it from the hardware and put it on a flat surface. The size of dermantin is calculated quite simply: the size of the door leaf plus 5 cm from each side to the hem. Make the edges of the rollers from the insulation. This will help to hide the cracks between the box and the cloth, then lay the heater across the entire area of ​​the canvas and attach it to the door with nails or a special stapler. Ideally, if the insulation is fixed every 8-10 cm. Then tighten the door with dermantinom, tuck the edges inward and secure. Remember that you need to begin the tightness on top, then gently work over the sides and go to the bottom at the very end.

To insulate the door is necessary and along the perimeter. It is necessary that through the existing cracks cold air does not enter the apartment from the entrance. The appearance of cracks is absolutely inevitable due to the time of operation, and also because of the shrinkage of the building and the skewing of the structure. Solve such a problem is not so difficult - it's enough just to cover the frame with a heater.

In addition, it is also possible to insulate the doorThe box. First, check its integrity. It is possible that some parts could be bent. This means that it will have to be replaced, because the destruction will continue. The best option is to use the mounting slots for the existing slots. Then gently plaster them and paint over them.

Choosing a heater

As a heater for the front door canUse different materials. For example, cotton wool is often used for this purpose. However, experts are skeptical about this method. After all, cotton wool has the property of absorbing moisture, which means that microorganisms and bacteria form in it, as a result, mold and fungus appear. And cotton wool can move under the upholstery, and the door will get lumpy irregularities.

Another variant of the insulation is foam rubber. This material is definitely warm. However, he serves only a few years - begins to crumble and disintegrate.

Much better as a heaterIsolone. Yes, it costs a little more than usual foam rubber, but it has higher and better parameters of thermal insulation. In addition, the use of an isolate does not make the door fundamentally thicker.

Among the popular heaters today areSilicone and mineral materials. They are more resistant to external factors, while remaining environmentally safe and not harmful to human health.

Upholstery of doors

Upholstery of doors is considered one more wayInsulation of the door leaf. It is believed that upholstered doors are the best option for keeping the heat in the apartment. And the main advantage of this method is that it can be used both with respect to wooden and metal doors.

For upholstery, leatherette, dermantin andOther materials. In addition, foam rubber, cotton wool or other insulation is additionally used. Before carrying out the work, the door must be removed from the hinges, then removed from it all the details - fittings, previous upholstery, etc.

It is best to upholst the door from two sides. So it will look more beautiful, and it will become warmer, and there will be almost no noise.

First, evenly spread out the heater andFasten it, then pull the material from above. Distribute it on the door tightly, so that it does not fray at the edges. Remember that with this method of upholstery should be framed rollers. They need to be done based on where the door is opened - inside or out. If inside - rollers are installed on the door. If outwardly, the rollers must be fastened to the box. To create rollers, it is sufficient to cut the insulation material into strips, which then hide under the dermantine left under the bends.

Be careful to nail the roller to the threshold. After all, all incoming will constantly move through it, which means that it will tear. Therefore, it is better to refuse such a roller at all.

In the case of upholstery of iron doors technologyWill be somewhat different. In this situation, the door will have to be pasted, rather than upholstered. And here you absolutely do not need platens. It is enough simply to fasten the sealant and cover the upholstery material.

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