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Methods of skin rejuvenation</a>

How to prolong the youthfulness of the skin, which option to choose and what cosmetic procedures exist

Every woman wants to see herself in the mirrorYoung, happy and beautiful. This desire is natural for everyone, just as the age-related changes in a woman's appearance are natural. Negative environmental factors have a bad effect on healthy skin. Thus, the skin loses natural collagen, which gives it smoothness and elasticity. With age, the ability of the skin to renew itself also decreases, the metabolism slows down inside the cells, hormonal changes occur.
These are the natural factors of aging, to themImproper eating habits, abuse of cosmetics and excessive tanning, some have bad habits. As a result, wrinkles and wrinkles are formed, the skin loses its elasticity, the face oval becomes less distinct.
Most women still at a young ageBegin to fight the aging of the skin. In any cosmetics store, you can find anti-wrinkle remedies for young women for every taste. It can be creams, oils, serums, masks, etc. Competent skin care is able to protect against dryness, exposure to ultraviolet rays and other negative factors, and such care is necessary for every girl. But it is unlikely to help cope with the cardinal age changes - the appearance of wrinkles, dry skin, etc.
But do not worry. It is better to consider what in our time there are advances in the field of cosmetology, which will help women look a bit younger than their years.
To date, there are two main methods - surgery and injections of rejuvenation. Both options equally help to get rid of wrinkles, align the face oval, remove the folds.
The operational method is a radical solution forAny woman, it is used with pronounced age changes. Plastic surgery is a serious surgical intervention, lasts several hours and is performed under general anesthesia. This method assumes a long recovery, since the face remains edema for several weeks.
"Injection of rejuvenation", "injections of youth"Imply the administration of the drug under the skin with a needle. This method allows you to become significantly younger without cardinal surgery. This procedure is simple and convenient, does not require much time, general anesthesia and long recovery.
Which option to choose, to decide for the woman herself, the main thing is that this choice should be conscious. You should collect a maximum of information and consult a professional cosmetologist.
It is possible that injections of various anti-agingDrugs and surgical intervention to women is absolutely not necessary. Perhaps in our life it is enough to observe several simple rules - proper nutrition, walking outdoors, moderate physical activity - and radical methods of rejuvenation may not be needed.

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