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Ways to install tension ceilings


The ways of installing stretch ceilings</a>

Every year stretch ceilings are gaining increasing popularity.

They are of high quality and a huge choice of colors, textures and drawings.

Having installed stretch ceilings, you will forget about repairs for many years.

There are three ways to install tension ceilings: wedge, harpoon and cam.
Harpoon method
The peculiarity of the harpoon method is thatOn the entire perimeter of the canvas, a special edging consisting of PVC material is welded. If you cut it across, you can see that the cut has the form of a harpoon. This is what gave the name of the method.
Using a spatula, one corner of the blade is fixed toFastening profile. After that, it is pulled diagonally and heated to 70 degrees. Now the cloth is stretched and fixed on the opposite side. The same actions are performed with the remaining corners, and then fixed along the perimeter. Having cooled down to room temperature, the canvas will acquire a perfectly flat surface. Even if small wrinkles are formed, they can easily be removed using a building hair dryer.
Wedge method
This is perhaps the most simple and affordable wayInstallation. It is noteworthy that an exact calculation of the size of the blade is not required. Installation begins with the fact that a special profile is fixed on the perimeter of the ceiling. The edges of the canvas are heated and fixed with a wedge. Remains of the film are cut off, and the junction site is masked with a decorative skirting board.
Cam method
This method works on the principle of compression and decompressionFist. A fixator consisting of two surfaces is fixed to the ceiling. Using a spatula, the canvas is fastened between them. When the material is inside, it is securely fixed, eliminating the possibility of slipping back.

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