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METHODS installation of suspended ceilings

Methods of installation of suspended ceilings

Every year, the ceilings are gaining more and more popularity.

They are of high quality and a huge choice of colors, textures and patterns.

Installing ceilings, you forget for many years to repair.

There are three methods of installation of suspended ceilings: wedge, harpoon and a cam.
harpoon method
A feature of the harpoon method is thataround the perimeter of webs welded special edging consisting of a PVC material. If it is cut across, you can see that the slice has the shape of a harpoon. This is what gave the name of the method.
Using a spatula, one corner of the canvas is fixed on themounting profile. Then it is stretched diagonally and heated to 70 degrees. Now the web is stretched and secured to the opposite side. The same operation performed with the remaining angles, and then fixed on the perimeter. Cooling down to room temperature, the web will get a perfectly flat surface. Even if the image of small folds, they can be easily removed using a hair dryer building.
This is perhaps the simplest and most affordable wayinstallation. It is noteworthy that leaf size accurate calculation is required. Installation begins with the fact that the special profile is mounted on the perimeter of the ceiling. The edges of the webs are heated and fixed by the wedge. Remains of the film is cut, and the connection is masked by decorative skirting.
Cam method
This technique works on the principle of compression and decompressedfist. Latch attached to the ceiling, comprising two surfaces. Using a spatula blade is secured therebetween. When the material is inside, it is securely fixed, eliminating the possibility of slipping back.

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