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Method of infection with chickenpox

Methods chickenpox infection

Varicella (chickenpox) is an infectious disease transmitted from person to person. Basically, the disease occurs in children under 10 years-adults exposed to chickenpox is much less common.

The name of the disease was due to the fact that it is easily transmitted through airborne droplets.

Ways of infection

Chickenpox is transmitted exclusivelyairborne. The man in the body which got chicken pox is highly contagious - 90% of contacts with patients leads to infection. For example, infection with one child in the kindergarten group leads to the appearance of disease symptoms in the majority of his peers. The virus can also be transmitted through the toys, but, in the environment life span of chickenpox infection is low, and therefore the transition of the disease through shared objects or on the street is unlikely.
Transmission of the virus occurs through breathing and coughingsufficiently close association with man. Sick chicken pox can be a carrier of infection up to 2 days before the characteristic rash. Before the appearance of rash illness is not shown.

Infection with a virus from a patient with chickenpox is impossible after the rash appears the last element.

The susceptibility of the virus

Particularly susceptible to the disease children thatdue to the lack of immunity in the body to this virus. Most children perebolevayut chickenpox in childhood and later on it becomes impossible to get sick again, because the body produces antibodies that prevent the development of virus and contribute to his death. Chickenpox is rarely found in persons older than 15 years.
The peak incidence of chickenpox is necessary for the winter, most often arise epidemic of chicken pox in kindergartens and primary schools.
The disease is usually mild andIt does not cause any problems for the child and his parents. The body alone to cope with the virus, by producing immunity to the disease. Relapses of chickenpox occur in exceptional cases and is extremely unlikely. Nevertheless, the children carry the virus much easier than adults, who are more susceptible to bacterial infection.

Contact with rash infection can cause pus varicella and encephalitis, which can be fatal.


Many foreign experts adviseproduce vaccination against chickenpox in childhood. However, varicella vaccine is not used in Russia. The advisability of injections of the disease is questioned by many experts as the body quite well on their own to cope with the virus. The vaccine is often used for pregnant women, who are going to conceive or are already pregnant. If the expectant mother has never in the past have not had chickenpox, vaccination is mandatory and helps to avoid possible complications during pregnancy. For example, the mother of the fetus can easily catch a disease that will have a negative impact on his development as a whole.

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