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Method of heating a country house

Methods of heating country house

Those who are planning to become an owner of a country house, ask a question: What type of heating is preferred?

If you live in warm southern edges, the problem is not so urgent.

But if your home is located close to the north, it is a significant part of the year you have to worry about the heat.

What are the methods of heating of country houses will provide you the greatest comfort?

Wood burning stoves and fireplaces

Traditional wood-burning stove came into the modernlife since time immemorial and has received widespread. The furnace is a fairly simple and practical heating structure, which helps not only good to warm the cottage, cottage or country house but also cook the food.

If your home is located in the countryside, where there is access to cheap wood, the wood stove is an excellent choice.

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What is important is to find a competent and experiencedspecialist able to put in the house of effectively acting and economical furnace design. It should also be borne in mind that in addition to wood, the stove requires special attention and care. The oven is easy to use, but it will serve you faithfully only if a timely manner to clean the chimney and to comply with all the established fire safety rules.

A good way to a country house can be heatedbe a fireplace. It is quite different from a conventional oven at its design features and also requires a professional approach to manufacturing. But if you decide to install a fireplace in your home, you can not only get a good heating, but also to create a home unique atmosphere of comfort.

It is a combined heating option is available, which combines the traditional wood-burning oven and fireplace, installed, for example, in the living room.

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hot-water heating

Suffice it widely among the owners of countryhouses and cottages distributed water heating systems using hot water boiler. For a large area of ​​the house is most convenient to arrange in one of the outbuildings a separate boiler room. There will need to make calculations, to choose the right equipment and install it in compliance with all the features of the technology.

Boiler - the central element of thisheating system. Its type and size is selected based on cost and availability of fuel, which is supposed to operate the system. The boiler can be a single-circuit. It will only heat the housing. More complex systems can provide two-circuit heat radiators and additionally provide hot water for domestic use.

Water heaters are distinguished by the type of fuel. There are boilers fueled by electricity, gas, diesel or other liquid fuels. Boilers electric type are good that fireproof, compact and simple in terms of installation. Making a decision about installing an electric boiler, try to calculate how it will affect the power cost on electricity bills.

Electric boilers are no different economy, so it is advisable to install them if you do not live in the house constantly.

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Gas boilers are more practical and economical, butMounting somewhat complex and require attention during operation. Before ordering a gas boiler, be sure to consult with experts who will carry out the installation and maintenance of gas equipment. It is possible that in your case a gas boiler installed will not be too easy, if at all possible. Do not forget also that a heating demands uninterrupted gas supply.

In the absence of regular gas supply bestchoice may be a diesel boiler. The equipment for a heating system today is very economical and meets difficulties with the registration of the relevant supervisory agencies.

Heating by means of convectors

Heating individual homes with gasconvectors are not too common, but quite promising. The difference of this system from the gas boiler - higher profitability. Note that when a permit for such a device may need a long period of negotiation in operating organizations.

But set in a country house electricconvector is much easier. In this way, however, can effectively heat a small room, with reliable insulation. In most electric convector suitable for those visiting the house or cottage only from time to time.

Some models of electric convector, equipped with an automatic timer, make it possible to heat the house directly to the arrival of the hosts.

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Heating heat pump

The use of heat pumps - anotherfairly new and economical way of water heating cottage or country house. But today, it is used only by those who have a large living spaces and substantial financial resources. for a heating system equipment is relatively expensive, and for its installation specialists are not always easy to find. The high cost of the heat pump is offset by its ability to save 25-30% more energy compared with a conventional device, such electric boiler.

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