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METAL STEPS: types, manufacturing, installation


Metal staircases: types, manufacturing, installation</a>

In the interior of the countryside two-level house, the staircase becomes one of the most important elements of the situation.

It can create an atmosphere of refinement and coziness, becoming a "highlight" of the room. On how harmoniously the staircase fits into the interior, the image of the house in the eyes of its visitors will depend.

The most practical designers consider metal staircases of various designs and styles.

Metal staircase in the interior

Metal stairs are good becauseProvide a wide scope for choosing a particular form. The ladder can be marching, screw or combined, combining curved and straight lines, which in most cases looks very original and unusual. Relative ease of manufacturing and installation makes metal stairs a favorite element of interior designers. Prices for the manufacture of such stairs are not too high, and metal structures can serve for decades.

Some refer to the shortcomings of stairs fromMetal specific appearance, which does not always fit organically into this or that situation. There are enough elegant solutions to this problem. For example, ladders often lined with wood or trim their elements with plastic, which almost does not affect the cost of the finished product, but introduces individuality into the appearance of the staircase.

The choice of the type of metal ladder depends on bothDimensions, and from the geometric shape of the room. It is very important that the location of the metal ladder is carefully thought out. It is best to use one of the applied computer programs for interior design, allowing to create a three-dimensional image of the room's environment with a staircase inscribed in the interior.

Types of metal stairs

Variety of types and designsThe metal ladder provides the user with almost unlimited possibilities in the arrangement of the house. Known are stairs with straight, screw, bent and elliptical steps. Widely distributed internal and external ladders of stainless steel in combination with laminated glass.

It happens that metal elements, for example, balusters, handrails and handrails are combined with details of wood and plastic.

Specialists also classify metalStairs according to the type of base construction. There are staircases on Kosovores, Bolts, Strings or casing. At the request of the customer, professionals can produce stairs of combined type, including sliding and folding. The most practical and lasting are the staircases on the Kosovars.

Metallic staircases on KosovarPerform today in the style of "high-tech". " They are attractive in appearance and, as a rule, do not require cladding and additional plating. The purpose of the Kosovra is to serve as the frame of the entire structure, to which the steps are fastened from metal, glass, wood or stone. The fencing of such a ladder can be any, but the most successful are the openwork iron racks and the same handrails.

Separate variants of staircases on kosurohMade of stainless steel, then covered with paint of any color, combined with other elements of the interior. In most cases, the metal structure can be attached directly to vertical surfaces without using supports.

Want to give the metal ladder an unusualview? Use the design with the so-called chain braid. Its main advantage is that such a skewer allows the design of metal stairs curved in three planes.

Manufacture and installation of metal stairs

The manufacture of metal stairs begins withDesigning and developing a design solution. It is important that the staircase becomes a functional link in the design of the space between the two levels of the house. Specialists study the features of a particular room, clarify the requirements of the owners of the house to the style direction, and then choose the place in which the staircase will be installed.

Having on hand a detailed projectDesigns, representatives of the manufacturer produce the main and decorative elements of the staircase. At the same time, they are entirely based on the requirements for style, design and size.

The main technological operations, which are used in the production of metal stairs: cutting, forging and welding.

In the manufacture of metal and combinedLadders widely use metal sheets and profile, pipes, channels and fittings. Realizing the design of the designer, the masters have more opportunities than in the manufacture of stairs made of wood. In addition to all its advantages, the metal has high strength and resistance to wear. Technologies of metal processing make it possible to make stair constructions visually easy, almost "airy".

Installation of a metal ladder in its placeInstallation is best entrusted to a team of professionals. In this case, you do not have to take into account the requirements of building standards or independently calculate the load on the supporting and fastening elements. Employees of the manufacturer can perform the installation of the metal structure in the shortest possible time and with the observance of all security measures. You will only have to take work and enjoy the look of this original element of the home environment.

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