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ALLOYS of metals from aluminum and lead


Alloys of metals have long been used by people to make jewelry</a>

The alloy is a material with the content of metal and other substances.

Often another substance that is part of the alloy is also a metal.

But many alloys contain non-metallic elements, such as coal, silicon, sulfur or boron.

Alloys are used in a variety of areas.

There are a large number of alloys, which include lead and aluminum.

Alloys with aluminum

The alloy of copper and aluminum contains, as a rule, fromTwo to ten percent copper, and also some other elements. Copper significantly strengthens the alloy and facilitates premature hardening. The introduction of copper into the composition of aluminum can also weaken the ductility and corrosion resistance. This is one of the most difficult alloys for welding. It is used in space vehicles, military transport and rocket stabilizers.
The added manganese strengthens aluminumAlloy and improves solidification while at the same time reducing ductility and corrosion resistance. Such an alloy has an average hardness and remains solid at high temperatures. The alloy is used for manufacturing heating batteries, kitchen tools, air conditioners, heat exchangers and water supply systems.
When silicon is added to aluminum, the metal is lighterMelts and becomes more liquefied. Such an alloy does not undergo melting. But with the addition of magnesium, a fusible metal is obtained that is resistant to solidification. Alloys with silicon are often used for the production of castings. Usually, these fillers are used to prepare fillers for welding and soldering aluminum.
Alloy aluminum with magnesium and silicon gives a complexSilicide (formula Mg2Si). Such alloys are easy to punch and compact. They make rails, carrying shafts for sound equipment, frames for bicycles, scaffolding, brakes for trucks and motor ships.
In total there are about 400 alloys with aluminum for forging and 200 alloys for casting.

Alloys with lead

Lead was known to man since very long time. This metal has a high malleability, fusibility, electrical conductivity, flexibility, hardness. It easily combines in alloys with other metals.
When antimony is added, the sulenium lead is obtained. Antimony is harder than lead, and therefore in lead with it lead becomes harder. Suryam lead is in sheets, pressed and molded forms. Often, lead-bearing lead is replaced by a lead-calcium alloy. As a calcium stabilizer, aluminum was also added to such an alloy.
Alloys for the production of bullets include lead. In addition to lead, they also include tin (5-7%) and antimony (2%).
Lead is present in alloys with tin, fromWhich make jewelry for children, cookware, dishes. The tin alloy also contains copper, antimony, bismuth and silver. Tin in the composition of lead increases the hardness of the alloy, and thanks to it lead is easily combined with steel and copper.
Often make an alloy of lead with arsenic.

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