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metal alloy of aluminum and lead

Metal alloys have long been used by people for making jewelry

Alloy - a material with a metal content, and other substances.

Most other substances contained in the composition of the alloy, is also a metal.

However, many alloys contain metallic elements such as carbon, silicon, boron or sulfur.

Alloys used in various fields.

There are many alloys which contain lead and aluminum.

Alloys of aluminum

The alloy comprises copper and aluminum, usually fromtwo to ten percent copper, and other elements. Copper alloy significantly strengthens and facilitates premature solidification. The introduction of copper in the aluminum can also impair ductility and corrosion resistance. This is one of the most difficult to weld alloys. It is used in space ships, military vehicles and rocket stabilizers.
Added into the aluminum manganese strengthensalloy solidification and improves at the same time reducing the ductility and corrosion resistance. This alloy has an average hardness and remains solid at high temperatures. The alloy is used for the manufacture of radiators, kitchen tools, air conditioners, heat exchangers and water systems.
When added to aluminum silicon, metal is easier tomelts and becomes liquefied. Such an alloy is not subjected to melting. However, magnesium is obtained by adding a fusible metal that is resistant to solidification. Silicon alloys are frequently used for the production of castings. Typically such fillers are made of alloys for welding and brazing aluminum.
aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon enables complexsilicide (Mg2Si formula). Such alloys are easy to stamping and pressing. Of these, do railing bearing shafts for audio equipment, bicycle frames, scaffolding, brakes for trucks and ships.
In total there are about 400 alloys with aluminum forging and casting alloys 200.

Alloys with lead

Lead has been known to man since very long time. This metal has a high ductility, fusibility, conductivity, flexibility, hardness. It easily connects in alloys with other metals.
When adding antimony obtained suryamny lead. Antimony harder lead in the alloy, and therefore it becomes harder lead. Suryamny lead is in the sheets, extruded and cast forms. Often suryamny lead replaced by an alloy of lead with calcium. As a regulator of calcium in such an alloy began to also add aluminum.
Alloys for the manufacture of bullets include lead. Besides lead, their composition also includes tin (5.7%) and Sb (2%).
Lead is present in alloys with tin, fromwhich made jewelry for children, kitchen utensils, dishes. Tin alloy also contains copper, antimony, bismuth and silver. Tin composed of lead increases the hardness of the alloy, and thanks to him that lead connects easily with steel and copper.
Often do lead alloy with arsenic.

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