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How to drain gasoline



Modern man has long been accustomed to that driving by car should be extremely enjoyable.

Often, you can forget about the need to refill the tank with a regular portion of gasoline, or hoping that soon the refueling should appear, get on the road without waiting for the gas station.

In similar situations even once I goteveryone. As a rule, solve the problem - how to drain gas from the tank, it is possible, referring to your friends or to completely unfamiliar people who can help you out. The main thing is to pour fuel quickly and safely for another car.

How to drain gasoline with a hose

This method is one of the most common. He knows, probably, every motorist. It is necessary to take a hose and some capacity, where fuel will be poured.

Then lower one end of the hose into the tankDonor car, and put the other in a filled container. Gently blow the air out by inhaling it with your mouth. Then quickly lower the tube and watch how the gas flows, waiting for the right amount.

Despite the simplicity of the process,Not everyone can by this method. This is due to the structure of the petrol tanks of some cars. In addition, a person is forced to inhale fuel vapor, which will somehow affect his health.

Therefore, in some cases, an alternative is preferable. It involves unscrewing the stopper of the petrol tank of the machine. As a rule, it is located from the bottom.

How to drain petrol from injection cars

The above methods are not suitable for more modern cars. Therefore, it is advisable to use the following method how to drain petrol from a tank:

- open the neck of the gas tank-

- open the bonnet cover and find the base of the rubber tube located at the bottom of the engine, it is necessary for the gasoline to move to the ramp-

- remove the clamp, disconnect the gasoline hose-

- turn the key in the ignition switch-

- Then we search for the block with safety locks and we take the relay responsible for work of the fuel pump-

- with the help of a regular paper clip, we couple a pair of correct contacts in the socket-

- turn on the ignition-

- Now you can start draining the fuel in a pre-prepared container.

In this method, it is important to carefully monitorFor the process. When bubbles appear in the fusion fuel, all is necessary to stop and turn off the ignition. If this is not done, then it is possible to disable the fuel pump of the donor car.

Then we return the clamp and hoses to the place. Also in the socket we install the relay, we close the fuel tank cap.

Now you know a few effective ways,How to drain gasoline. Following these simple tips, you can help a motorist, who suddenly ran out of fuel, or to himself, if necessary, to drain petrol from the car.

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