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How to merge gasoline

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Modern man has long used that driving a car should be delivered exclusively pleasure.

Often, you can forget about the need to fill the tank of regular gasoline or a portion of, relying on the fact that in the near future there should be dressing, get on the track, not waiting for the gas station.

In such a situation at least once goteveryone. As a general rule, to solve a problem - how to drain the gasoline from the tank, it is possible, turning to his friends or to complete strangers who can help you out. The main thing - to pour fuel quickly and safely as possible for another car.

How to pour gasoline hose

This method is one of the most common. He knows probably every motorist. It is necessary to take a hose and some container, which will be poured fuel.

Next, lower the one end of the hose into the tankVehicle-donor, and the other placed in-filled container. Gently blow out the air breathed his mouth. Then quickly dip tube and watch, as gasoline flows, waiting for the right amount.

Despite the simplicity of the process, usethis method can not all. This is due to the structure of the fuel tanks of some cars. In addition, a person is forced to inhale fuel vapor, that somehow affect his health.

Therefore, for some cases, the preferred embodiment will be an alternative. It involves unscrewing the plug of the petrol tank of the machine. As a rule, it is located at the bottom.

How to merge gasoline injection cars

The above methods are not suitable for more sophisticated vehicles. Therefore, it is advisable to use the following method as a drain gasoline from the tank:

- Open mouth of a petrol Bachelor

- Open the hood and find the base of a rubber tube, located at the bottom of the engine, it is necessary to ensure that petrol moved to rampe-

- Remove the clamp, disconnect the petrol shlang-

- Turn the key in the lock zazhiganiya-

- Then we look for the unit with fuse and relay extract responsible for the operation of the fuel pump-

- With the help of an ordinary paper clip bridges the pair of right contacts gnezde-

- Include zazhiganie-

- Now you can begin to drain fuel into the prepared container.

In this method, it is important to carefully followthe process. When the bubbles in the fuel is necessary to merge all stop and turn off the ignition. If this is not done, it is possible to achieve a disabling car donor of the fuel pump.

Next, return to the place of the clamp and hoses. Also in the nest set the relay, close the fuel tank cap.

Now you know some effective ways,how to merge gasoline. By following these simple tips, you can help the motorist, who suddenly ran out of fuel, or yourself, if necessary, drain the gasoline from the car.

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