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How to merge gasoline

How to merge gasoline

The gas tank in a car, unfortunately, not rubber.

And once again forget to refuel everyone can. Therefore, if it is possible to drain gasoline from the man agreed to help, do not give up.

But you need to know how to drain the fuel without damaging the car with a stranger.

You will need

  • Capacity (bottle or canister), hose, funnel.



Open car gas tank.


Lower one end of the hose in the tank, making sure that it gets to the gasoline.


Prepare a container (bottle or canister). On the other (dry) end of the hose to pull his mouth to start gasoline, but very carefully.


As soon as the petrol reaches the end of the hose must be sharply lower it to the existing capacity. Under the influence of pressure gasoline will continue to fill it.


Once the container is full, it is necessary to get out of her end of the hose and climb up to the remains of gasoline spilled from the hose back into the tank.

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