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HOW drain the coolant

In the operation of the vehicle coolant is gradually losing its cooling quality

In the operation of the vehicle coolant (antifreeze, antifreeze) gradually loses its cooling qualities, together with the formation of scale occurs in the cooling system.

In connection with this we have to pour the waste liquid, flush the system and fill in new antifreeze.

You will need

  • The key? 13 ?, a container under the drainage (pelvis), coolant (about 10 liters, depending on the characteristics of the car)



First, the procedure is necessary to put the faucet lever to put the car stove in the rightmost position (valve open).


Remove the expansion tank cap.


Unscrew the filler neck of the radiator.


Find in the lower left corner of the radiator drain plug, put under its previously prepared container (bowl).


Remove the radiator cap. Wait until all the liquid out of it will go into the tank.


After find the drain bolt on the cylinder block (it is by candles under them). Substitute under the bottom of the car at this point the same capacity.


The key? 13? unscrew the bolt. Wait until the remaining liquid will not leave the cooling system.


Before you upload a new coolingliquid, you must tighten the screw cap and the drain bolt into place. Also, in order to avoid entrapment of air is necessary to weaken a collar, disconnect the bight of the intake manifold fitting. After that, pour new antifreeze, wait for the fitting of the liquid begins to flow and connect the hose shot back. Fill antifreeze in the radiator until the end. Pour antifreeze in the expansion tank on labels.


Start the engine, warm it up, give the work. Then, check the coolant level, if necessary add antifreeze to the radiator.

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