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How to drain the coolant


During the operation of the car, the coolant gradually loses its cooling qualities</a>

During the operation of the car, the cooling liquid (antifreeze, antifreeze) gradually loses its cooling qualities, along with this, scale formation takes place in the cooling system.

In this regard, you have to drain the used liquid, flush the system and fill the new antifreeze.

You will need

  • Key? On 13 ?, capacity for draining liquid (pelvis), cooling liquid (approximately 10 liters, depending on the characteristics of the car)



At the beginning of the procedure it is necessary to put the drive lever of the car stove cock in the extreme right position (the tap is open).


Unscrew the cover of the expansion tank.


Remove the radiator filler cap.


To find in the left bottom corner of the radiator the drain plug, put under it a previously prepared container (basin).


Unscrew the radiator cap. Wait until all the liquid from it has gone into the container.


After finding the drain bolt on the cylinder block (it is on the side of the candles, under them). Substitute under the bottom of the car in this place the same capacity.


The key is 13? Unscrew the bolt. Wait for the remaining liquid to leave the cooling system.


Before filling in a new coolingLiquid, it is necessary to tighten the plug and screw the drain bolt back into place. Also, to avoid the formation of an airlock, you must loosen the clamp, disconnect the hose from the intake manifold connector. After this, pour in a new antifreeze, wait for the liquid to drain out from the union and attach the removed hose back. Top up the antifreeze in the radiator to the end. Pour the antifreeze into the expansion tank by the marks.


Start the engine, warm it up, let it run. Then check the coolant level, if necessary, top up the antifreeze into the radiator.

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