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How to merge antifreeze

How to merge antifreeze

Coolant is made on the basis ofethylene glycol, used in the cooling system of internal combustion engines and the brand antifreeze called "Antifreeze 40A" (translated from the English language? antifreeze), in addition to its primary function, aimed at cooling the working motor, protects the engine from corrosion due to special additives.

That significantly increases the service life of the car.

You will need

  • Screwdriver, wrench 13 mm, the capacity for draining antifreeze.



The use of antifreeze in a year-roundvehicle operation over time leads to a loss of its properties. It determines the quality of a simple metering coolant antifreeze density. When the density drops below acceptable standards, the coolant in the cooling system must be replaced with a new antifreeze.


Due to the fact that said fluid is a highly toxic, when carrying out its replacement in the engine, required to comply with all safety precautions when working with toxic chemicals.

How to merge antifreeze


To drain the old antifreeze, remove the cap on the expansion tank.


In the lower portion of the radiator, usually the rightside to the opening for discharging the coolant from the radiator, worn or silicone rubber tube which one end is lowered into a vessel designed for draining waste liquid. Then open the drain plug with a screwdriver.


After draining the antifreeze container setbelow under the cap at the bottom point of the engine cooling jacket. Then plug wrench gets out, and the old coolant drained from the engine.


After screwing caps in place through the expansion tank of the engine cooling system is filled with fresh antifreeze.

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