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How to merge antifreeze


How to merge antifreeze</a>

Cooling fluid based onEthylene glycol used in the cooling system of internal combustion engines and called the antifreeze of the brand "Tosol 40A" (in the English language - the non-freezing liquid), in addition to its main function aimed at cooling the running motor, protects the engine from corrosion, thanks to special additives.

Which significantly increases the life of the car.

You will need

  • Screwdriver, spanner for 13 mm, capacity for discharge of antifreeze.



Application of antifreeze in conditions of year-roundThe operation of a car eventually leads to the loss of its properties. The quality of the coolant is determined by simply measuring the density of the antifreeze. When the density falls below the permissible limits, the coolant in the cooling system must be replaced with a new antifreeze.


Due to the fact that this liquid is very poisonous, when replacing it in the engine, it is necessary to observe all precautions when working with toxic chemical compounds.

How to merge antifreeze


To drain the old antifreeze, it is necessary to remove the cork on the expansion tank.


At the bottom of the radiator, usually with the rightSide on the hole designed for draining the coolant from the radiator, a rubber or silicone tube is put on, which at one end is lowered into a container for draining the waste liquid. And then a screw plug opens the drain plug.


After the antifreeze drain tank is installedBelow the plug located at the bottom of the engine cooling jacket. After that, the plug is wrenched with a wrench, and the old coolant is drained from the engine.


After wrapping the plugs in place through the expansion tank, the engine cooling system is filled with fresh antifreeze.

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