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MENU child in 10 months

Menu child in 10 months

Eating ten-child should be varied - it is recommended to include meat and fish dishes, mashed vegetables and fruits, for the development of chewing reflex - crackers.

In ten months baby food norms alreadyquite unique. The more active the child is, the more it will have an appetite. Mom, are generally well aware of their children's needs, so easy to determine the amount of each of the dishes that they are going to offer the child.

Sample menu for a child of ten months

For the ten-month baby food should bewell balanced, with enough mineral content. Allergenic foods should be avoided. Do not give your child sweets, bought in a store. In addition, it should not be included in a child's diet salting, smoking and spicy dishes.
In drawing up the menu is better to keep the child five times the power mode.
First morning feeding consists of a mixture orbreast milk. If the interval between the reception of a mixture of breakfast and child requires something else, you can give him juice or herbal tea. So the feeling of hunger will be muted, and the baby is accustomed to a specific routine.
For breakfast suitable rice, oat or buckwheat porridge with milk or cottage cheese with the addition of fruit purée.
For lunch you can prepare: the first - vegetable soup, the second - from dietary meatballs meats, such as veal, beef or poultry. As a side dish to make children's noodles or mashed vegetables. Once or twice a week can be steamed fish cakes, soufflés.
At dinner, ask your child a half boiled chicken egg yolk, mashed - fruit or vegetable. Add to the dish biscuit.
Before going to bed suitable breast milk or yogurt.

helpful hints

If your baby wakes up very early, roughfeeding time better observe this: since six o'clock in the morning to arrange child eating every four hours. That is: 6-00, 10-00, 14-00, 18-00, 22-00. If baby wakes up later, just slide the feeding. Try to approach to an adult diet - kids like to eat with their parents.
Semolina in a child's diet to ten monthsold is not recommended - it administered in the diet can be no earlier than one year. Useful substances in it is almost there, but carbohydrates are present in large numbers.
Part of breast milk is convenient to replace the yogurt. It is very useful for a child as improves the performance and stomach, and intestines. Kefir milk is easier to digest a lot in his diet can be administered to an eight-month of age. By the year instead of yogurt can be fed cow's milk.
You can not overfeed the baby before going to bed - it will be restless sleep due to a heavy meal.

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