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How to memorize large texts

Remember the text is not difficult, the main thing to understand it and not be distracted.

There are people who recite poems by heart, but there are those who find it difficult to remember even a bus schedule.

If you before the eyes of a great text, but you do not know how to put it in your head, then follow our recommendations.



Teach your morning with a fresh mind, when she's not busy with everyday problems. In addition, the scientists proved that the brain is most active in the morning.


Before going to bed, repeat what have learned. Typically the next morning, the words fit in the head.


Put yourself a tape recording of the text, when you go to work or go to transport.


There is such a system Gadfly. In the first letter, you can decipher this technique: main idea, careful reading, review, Lapping. Important in the system that do not just read, as many are accustomed to, and try to understand the text! You should re-read it, to repeat and to repeat! First you need to identify the main idea of ​​the text, then pay close attention to the small details, try to associate the words with the main secondary, including the Association method. Next you need to make a plan text. It is important to remember the sequence of the main thoughts.
Repeat text from memory or tellfriend. Try as much as possible in detail for the main ideas. Do not look, if there is no special need. Re-read the text again and compare with reported all deficiencies should be finished.


A great association is the method correlatewords and pictures in the mind. And you can easily memorize the text of any size. If the text includes abstract concepts, they turn into a real image associations.


Who is well developed visual perception, icons suitable method. This graphic images, which reproduces the complete picture.

You can also briefly outline the text that you need to remember.


We need to create for themselves a comfortable environment. Poor when screams behind the wall neighbor or to the open window came the frantic screeching cats. Turn off the TV and radio. Sit in silence and read.


Avoid zubrezhki.Nuzhno analyze and understand the text, not just memorize.

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