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How to meet the army

How to meet the army

Soldiers from the army usually meet friends, family, girlfriend, or spouse.

The first meeting after a long separation turns into a very loaded and exciting, but at the same time full of fun and happiness immeasurable day.



Occur at the station often greet soldierwith loud cries and songs with a guitar. Friends of a young man raising his hands on a few times and thrown in the air. The girl or the wife gives a hug and a long kiss. More than the older generation may even shed a tear at the sight of the guy in the matured form and with awards on the tunic.


Happy soldier transported home where hetaking a shower, change clothes and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. Parents can prepare tasty treats for her son, had long been dreaming of a home kitchen. To the table is also often invited to other relatives and friends of the guy that suit small or long feast, during which the young man talks about how he served.


Together with friends of soldiers sent on a walkaround town. Before that he can put on a uniform with the "Discharge" stripes to demonstrate to others the reason for their triumph. Some men like to show what they have learned during the service and arrange workshops for friends, from skydiving and ending with a smash bricks with your hands or even your head.


Very popular joint campaigns on the nature andfishing with friends, where young people go to the tent, guitars and provisions. In the evening campfire is a great atmosphere of camaraderie and another reason for the execution of military songs and stories about the service.


If a soldier has a girlfriend or wife ratherlikely, he will be "stolen" from their home is it. For a long time, many news accumulates separation that young people can not wait to share with each other. In addition, the soldiers always expect sweet and romantic night with your favorite, so what he lacked during his service in the army.

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