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How to meet the army


How to meet the army</a>

A soldier from the army usually meets friends, relatives, beloved girlfriend or spouse.

The first meeting after a long separation turns into a very busy and exciting, but at the same time full of fun and immeasurable happiness during the day.



Those who meet at the station often greet a soldierLoud cries and songs to the guitar. Friends of the young man raise it on their hands and throw it several times in the air. A girl or a wife gives a strong embrace and a long kiss. The older generation can even start a tear at the sight of a mature guy in uniform and with awards on a tunic.


A happy soldier is taken home where heHe takes a shower, changes clothes and enjoys a cozy atmosphere. Parents can prepare delicious treats for their son, who has long dreamed of home cooking. Other relatives and friends of the guy are also invited to the table, who arrange a small or long feast, during which the young man talks about how the service passed.


Together with friends the soldier goes for a walkaround town. Before that, he can wear a uniform with "duble" stripes to demonstrate to others the cause of his celebration. Some soldiers like to demonstrate what they learned during the service and arrange workshops for friends, from parachute jumping to breaking bricks with hands or even about the head.


A very popular joint nature hikes andFishing with friends, where young people go with a tent, guitars and provisions. The evening bonfire will have a wonderful atmosphere of fellowship and another reason for the performance of army songs and stories about the service.


If a soldier has a girlfriend or wife, ratherAll, he will be "stolen" from his relatives by it. For a long time of separation, a lot of news accumulates, which young people can not wait to share with each other. In addition, the soldier always expects a sweet and romantic night with his beloved, which he so missed while serving in the army.

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