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How to meet hamsters

How to introduce hamsters

Not all hamsters in need in the community of their own kind. The nature of their natural habitat is the desert, the chances of survival which have single much higher.

But in captivity, they are quite capable of creating Hamster community or even family.

It is very important to introduce the animals to each other, to a possible friendship is not turned into a never-ending feud.

Hamsters better to live apart

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Hamster-alone contain easiest. These animals do not need to communicate with each other and can live his entire short Khomyakov life, not a bit suffering from otstutstviya relatives. If there is a need to bring the two members of the family together or to plant a new animal into an obzhivshuyusya group should do it very carefully, observing the necessary in this case the rules.

The most harmonious community arise when hamsters have known each other since birth.

Preparing to meet you

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The first thing that you need to need to know and what isRemember - hamsters have a very sensitive sense of smell, which very much rely in everyday life. Therefore, before you begin to familiarize the animals with each other, you need to enable them to gradually get used to the smell of a new friend. The easiest way to identify each animal in a separate cage, put them in a room and during the week to change the items that one used by hamsters. For example, toys, houses, bowls for food and drink and so on.
Thus for some time hamstersget used to the smell of each other, and you can try to bring them together. In this case it is best to not seat next one into the cage to the other, and to introduce them on neutral territory, that both were in the same position in the new environment. If one remains, as they say, at home, and the second will come to visit him, the struggle is inevitable. In principle, everything is exactly as in humans. If someone of you have one fine evening comes home and finds on the couch the stranger who will be using your computer to sleep on your bed, walk-in taulet and shamelessly take liked everything from the refrigerator, the reaction to this behavior will follow immediately and friendly it is unlikely to be.

It is not necessary to bring together the two males who have reached puberty.

Fighting animals

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Even taking all the precautions in the firstdays should be considered as more or less frequent clashes between hamsters. Before 2 specimens will coexist adjacent to each other, they need to determine their position in the hierarchy with respect to each other, but do so without fighting impossible. During the showdown hamster gets up on its hind legs and began to box. Defeated animal falls to the back of the winner poked his nose, stomach, securing thus its higher position. These types of collisions are quite normal, in fact, they are even necessary, to keep them from completely unnecessary.

When familiarity impossible

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But if the hamsters can never stopshowdown, resorting to the teeth and begins to pour blood, familiarity is necessary to stop as quickly as possible. Still no good it will not.

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