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Mechanical cleaning of the face of blackheads

Mechanical cleaning of the face of blackheads

Even on healthy skin sometimes appear comedones, they are also black spots associated with the violation of the sebaceous glands.

To prevent their occurrence is possible, but if the acne is already formed, then get rid of them can only be by means of cleansing.

What is the cleaning of the skin

This is a cosmetic procedure aimed atthen the cleansing of sebum essential for any skin type. Without cleaning the likely future development of subsequent negative processes in place and comedones can be formed inflamed pimples. Mechanical cleaning of skin pores frees best addition, it helps to improve skin color and overall skin condition. In this procedure, there is only one drawback: even under the most careful of her conduct, the skin for some time preserves the traces of the impact, because on the eve of critical events cleansing is better not to spend.

Although the general principle that the cleaning and similarbeauty salon and at home, to spend it is still better to have a professional cosmetologist. This reduces the risk of scarring and the appearance of the subsequent inflammation.

Indications and contraindications for cleaning

Recommended mechanical cleaning with acnedisease, including adolescent acne and skin with enlarged pores holders prone to fat. In this case, cleaning will help prevent the occurrence of acne vulgaris. But in some cases it is strictly forbidden to do. Contraindications to the use of skin diseases are acute, superficial location of the vascular net and vascular disease.

The caution should be approached with clean, dry skin, so as not to stimulate the irritation and premature wrinkles.

How is the mechanical cleaning of the face

The first step of this procedure in the homeconditions, and a beauty salon, a cleansing facial makeup and steaming from the pores. The differences are only in the course of the process: in the salon for this purpose, a special device, and the houses have to settle for the usual steam tray. Disclosed pores easier to part with the contents and the skin are less injured. For best results, you can make a tray on the basis of medicinal herbs with anti-bacterial effect, which at the same time rasparivaniem will warn inflammation. Later in the cabin cleaning is carried out with sterile instruments: tiny special strainer, spoon and needle Una Vidal, which is used for the most deep-seated of comedones. At home, the mechanical cleaning is carried out with fingertips, which must be sterile clean, but the presence of certain tools and skills of their application, this procedure can be improved. To this end, first the excess sebum and dead skin particles are removed strainer, and only then extruded comedones. The final stage of cleaning - it has disinfecting and applying soothing masks Antiseptic. The latest skin cream is applied corresponding to its type. Carry out the procedure no more than once a month, after it is not recommended for a few days to visit a solarium or sunbathe.

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