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Mechanical cleaning of the face

Facial cleansing manual

Facial cleansing manual - a complex procedure in which the skin is carried out thermal effect and thorough cleansing.

Trusting her best experienced beautician with extensive experience.

Facial cleansing - stages of the procedure

Face cleaning manual can be hygienicor medical procedure. The main indications for mechanical cleaning: the presence of acne comedones, pustulosis and miliums. That is, if you are concerned about red, black, white or subcutaneous acne, this procedure shows you for medicinal purposes 2-3 times a month. As soon as the skin condition improves, you can visit a beautician 1 time per month. Discard the mechanical cleaning of the face, if you suffer from bronchial asthma, hypertension, diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Technique procedures is skin cleansinglotion. After that, applied to the face mask, consisting of soap chips, ammonia and camphor alcohol perhydrol. After 20-30 minutes, wash off the mask with warm water and spend steaming facial skin in a special apparatus. To effect steamed skin preserved for a long time and was able to work a beautician, skin smeared with three percent hydrogen peroxide.

After cleaning and steamed proceduresIt begins mechanical cleaning of the face. The set consists of a cosmetologist ugrevydavlivatelya or spoon Una, needles Vidal, fine strainer and a special spoon to clean the skin of the nose.

After the procedure applied to the skin antiseptic composition. Every beautician uses individual ingredients.

Facial after mechanical cleaning

After mechanical cleaning facial salon needimplement all the recommendations of the cosmetician. You will be assigned to wipe face in the morning and in the evening a special mash consisting of dried powder and three-percent hydrogen peroxide. It is impossible to tear the crust, wash for 12 hours immediately after cleaning, swim in the pool, in the lake, sunbathing. For a full treatment of the skin of acne are recommended systematic cleaning for a month with a break for 2-3 months.

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