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How to measure your iq

How to measure your iq

IQ (IQ) - an important parameter in the interviews, one of the most popular psychological tests.

Check your IQ can be easily at home.



IQ Test 2.1 - one of the most popular Russian program to measure the intellectual coefficient. It offers forty-test options, a variety of numeric, symbolic, associative and logical tasks. On the decision of 40 jobs allocated 30 minutes. The program has an intuitive interface, and detailed explanation is given scores on the test results. Note that the difficulty level is adjusted depending on the user's age and education.


IQ value ranging from 0 to 80 pointsIt corresponds to a weak level of intellectual development, from 81 to 100 - the average, from 101 to 120 - a high. Holders IQ score above 121 usually receive characteristics of a "very clever" to "genius". Note that the IQ - this is just a simplified model for estimating human intelligence. Many people who had low IQ achieved good results in science, business and art. So, Robert Fischer became world chess champion with only 78 points. Stanley Kubrick, the owner of 65, achieved inconceivable success in world cinema.


Recently, on a par with a high value of IQpsychologists assign EQ, emotional quotient. According to research by dozens of independent scientists, a high level of "emotional quotient" most impact on the success of human in real life. While correlation (depending on quantities) between IQ and level of welfare is not revealed, the emotional factor of EQ, it seems, can really affect the material prosperity and the position of man in society. What is even more pleasant, their EQ can be improved, gradually developing the four components of personality: self-esteem, independence, sensitivity and self-realization.


Luscher test offers an assessment of the individualBy choosing colors for the preferences of the proposed pairs. Unlike other tests Lusher analysis is based only on a subconscious choice, so many scientists believe Luscher most reliable assessment.

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