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How to measure your iq


How to measure your iq</a>

The intellectual coefficient (IQ) is an important parameter in interviews, one of the most popular psychological tests.

Check your IQ easily at home.



IQ Test 2.1 - one of the most popular Russian programs for measuring the intellectual coefficient. It offers forty variants of tests, various numerical, symbolic, associative and logical tasks. The solution of 40 tasks takes 30 minutes. The program has an intuitive interface, the results of testing are given a detailed explanation and the number of points. Note that the level of complexity is adjusted depending on the age and the user's education.


IQ value in the range from 0 to 80 pointsCorresponds to a weak level of intellectual development, from 81 to 100 - the average, from 101 to 120 - high. Holders of the intellectual coefficient above 121 points usually receive characteristics from "very clever" to "brilliant". Please note that IQ is just a simplified model for assessing the human intellect. Many people who had a low IQ achieved high results in science, business and creativity. So, Robert Fisher became the world chess champion, having only 78 points. Stanley Kubrick, the owner of 65, achieved an inconceivable success in the world of cinema.


Recently, on a par with IQ a high valuePsychologists assign EQ, the emotional coefficient. According to the research of dozens of independent scientists, the high level of the "emotional coefficient" most influences the success of a person in real life. While no correlations (dependencies) between IQ and the level of well-being were found, the emotional coefficient EQ, it seems, can really affect the material prosperity and position of a person in society. What is even more pleasant, your EQ can be improved by gradually developing the four components of the personality: self-esteem, independence, sensitivity and self-realization.


Lusher's test proposes to assess the personalityDue to the choice of color preferences from the proposed pairs. Unlike other tests, Luscher's analysis is based solely on a subconscious choice, so many scientists consider Luscher's estimates to be the most reliable.

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