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How to measure windows

How to measure windows

To change the old wooden windows have long been commonplace. However, before you replace the screen, you need to measure the old.

At first glance, it's easy to do, however,when measurements need to take into account the features of your window opening, type of home, as well as materials exterior and interior doma.Okonnye openings in the usual typical house divided into two types: the window opening quarter (direct mounting joints) or the window opening and a quarter, if the assembly seams corner.



Measure the window opening, having a fourth:
opening width is measured from the outside of the window. It is calculated as the distance from one slope to another vertical mounting plus 2.5? 4 cm gap assembly which extends into a quarter. The size of the mounting gap is multiplied by 2, the number of parties. The height of the window opening as measured from the street. The window height is measured from the top of the slope to the outside of the mounting tide plus the value of the gap from the top. If there is a tinge cement and its height also need to add on to the already received data.


Next, you need to measure the length of the sill. This can be done either by the old sill or to add the opening width 5-10 cm on each side. The width is calculated by measuring the distance from the edge to the outer edge of the frame, with the sill must not overlap the radiator.


The length of the tide? the distance between the outer side slopes, plus 6-8 cm. Width? from the outer edge to the window frames plus 3? 5 cm, as the tide must stick out beyond the outer wall.


measurements without opening the outer quartersis also produced, given that for measuring the width and height of the opening to be subtracted 1.5? cm 2, depending on the curvature of the walls. At the height of the measurement is also necessary to remember that if the window has Podstavochny profile, its vertical dimension is not included in the height of the window. The length and width of the window sill and outflow are measured as explained earlier.

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