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How to measure the thread

How to measure the thread

In the manufacture of structures that are used threaded joints often have to pick up bolts and nuts so that their thread coincide in their parameters.

To measure the thread, there are special devices.

You will need

  • Threaded patterns, thread gauges, thread micrometer



For the measurement of the thread pitch, use the specialscrew template. It is a set of plates on which are plotted zubtsy- thread pitch corresponding to the specific pattern is designated on the plate plane. Set of patterns with a different step in the sealed tape. With threaded template can measure only the value of the thread pitch, the deviation does not measure it. To determine the thread pitch on a particular product, apply the template to the thread, picking the one that will fit her exactly.


For a comprehensive assessment of the correct executionthread on parts used thread gauges. Such gauges are available for monitoring both external and internal threads. Before use, inspect items caliber clean from chips and dirt. With the caliber must be handled with care to prevent any scratches on the surface of the thread.


In measuring the external thread elements, andinternal diameter using a micrometer screw. Micrometer is in the spindle and heel opening, in which are installed sets of interchangeable inserts. Inserts elements correspond to the measured thread and its value. Secure the mic in the stand, adjust the pattern or the standard thread. Measuring accuracy up to 1 mm.

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