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How to measure the thread


How to measure the thread</a>

In the manufacture of structures that use threaded connections, it is often necessary to select bolts and nuts so that their threads match in their parameters.

To measure the thread there are special tools.

You will need

  • Thread patterns, thread gauges, threaded micrometer



To measure the thread pitch, use a specialThreaded template. It is a set of plates on which the teeth are inscribed-the thread pitch corresponding to a particular pattern is indicated on the plane of the plate. A set of templates with different steps is fixed in a cassette. With the help of a threaded template, only the value of the thread pitch can be measured, the deviation value it does not measure. To determine the thread pitch on a specific product, attach the template to the thread, selecting the one that will fit it exactly.


For a comprehensive assessment of the accuracy of theThreads on parts use threaded calibers. Such gauges exist for the control of both external and internal threads. Before using the caliber, the parts to be cleaned must be cleaned from chips and dirt. The caliber must be handled with care, avoiding the appearance of scratches on the threaded surface.


When measuring the elements of the external andInner diameters use a threaded micrometer. The micrometer has holes in the spindle and heel, into which sets of replaceable inserts are installed. The inserts correspond to the measured thread elements and its magnitude. Fasten the micrometer in the rack, adjust by the template or the standard of the thread. The measurement error is up to 1 mm.

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