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How to measure the height and weight of the child

How to measure the height and weight of the child

Height and weight of the child - a genetically programmed process that must be strictly controlled at all stages of your baby growing up.

Comparing these figures from different periods, it is possible to evaluate the accuracy and harmony of the physical development of the baby, to reveal the hidden disease or predisposition to them.

You will need

  • - Electronic scales for novorozhdennyh-
  • - Floor electronic vesy-
  • - tape measure-
  • - lineyka-
  • - table-
  • - notebook-
  • - a pen.



In the first year of life crumbs parents on a monthly basisvisit the children's clinic, where the pediatrician certainly holds weighing and measuring the baby's growth. However, many couples seeking to cross-check the data obtained in the clinic, to keep the situation under control.


Measure the weight of the baby at home can bespecial weights for newborns. They can be purchased in a pharmacy or in a specialty store of children's goods. Baby scale are mechanical (such models are almost out of use) and electronic. The latter have a convenient stand in the form of a bowl, which is necessary to put grudnichka or plant already grown kid. Baby scale commonly used to measure the mass of a child under the age of 2 years.


Before the procedure is completely undress the baby, forIn order to obtain a more accurate figure. Many electronic devices equipped with memory function, the resulting figures, that allows parents to see the difference in weight compared with the previous data. If electronic memory on your balance there, be sure to write down the numbers in a notebook or notepad.


When special weights for newborns notthere, you can use the normal floor. To do this, measure the exact weight of the mother and note its value. Then the mother should take the baby in her arms, and weigh with him. The resulting difference in rates will be the weight of the child. Such a method is not very accurate, so for regular weighing is better to buy a special baby scales.


To measure the growth of smooth grudnichkatable top, place the usual measuring tape, with the mark of "zero" should be against the wall. Then, place the baby on the table so that his head rested against the wall. Straighten baby's feet and gently press them down with his left hand to the table surface. Right hand attach the line to the feet of crumbs (it must lie perpendicular to the tape). Determine the growth of the baby in a place of contact line and tape measures. Record your data in the notebook.

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