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How to measure engine oil level

How to measure engine oil level

Engine oil performs several important functions: protects the friction surface wear and damage, removes them from the heat, cleans the engine system, reduces the shock loads.

In other words, it provides a long and trouble-free engine operation. In order to prevent oil starvation in the engine, frequently check the oil level.

The frequency of inspection depends on the characteristics and condition of the car.

You will need

  • - salfetka-
  • - Rags.



Make sure that the vehicle is on a levelsurface. Misalignment of the motor in either direction will lead to incorrect measurements. Make sure the engine is off. The oil level check for the engine off before its launch, ie, on a cold machine. It allowed to perform measurement after 5-7 minutes after stopping the engine so that the oil has had time to drain into the crankcase. But the hot oil is significantly expanding, so are preferred though measurements of the engine is cold.


Open the hood and locate near the engineslot into which the probe is inserted. Carefully remove it, clean towel or cloth. Wipe the probe should be dry. Rags should be clean, dry and should not leave any lint.


Insert the probe in place. Do not perform measurement of the level in the primary extraction of the probe. Oil draining, leaves traces on it, causing the probe shows a surplus of oil. In fact, repeated immersion and removal of pre-grated dry probe gives a very different result.


Remove the dipstick and oil should it definethe oil level in the crankcase of a vehicle engine. To this end, guided by special notches. The oil level should be below the maximum (upper) and higher than the minimum (bottom) mark. If the level is close to or below the minimum mark, the oil should be topped up.

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