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How to measure current

How to measure current

The current in the circuit is its main parameter. It determines the efficiency of the device.

It must be measured in order to understand in what mode the one or the other element of the electrical circuit.



Check the technical data of the device,you are researching. There are specified nominal values ​​of operating modes. In accordance with this, select the measuring device and the measurement range. To measure the force current apply the following instruments: ammeters, milliammeters, Microammeters. avometry, multimeters, etc. - In the simplest case, the testers can be used Install the DC or AC mode current.


Before measuring the force current Preliminary voltage measurement circuit at the control points. Make sure that they are close to the nominal, and only then proceed to the measurement of force current. Otherwise, the ammeter may be damaged.


Measure the force current You can only have the working device. For this rip target circuit so that after the measurement it can be easily restored. The circuit switch on the meter. Observe the polarity, if you are measuring DC current. On the polarity of the meter is always available - look for the notation. It is impossible to measure the current in the circuit without a load, as this is the current short-circuit current, and it will damage both the meter and the source itself current. Regardless of whether DC or AC you research, the connection must be consistent and the measuring device is included in the gap.


Once in the circuit switched the meter, a device that you are researching, turn to the operating mode. The obtained measurements current used to configure a deviceportion of its circuit. Start of measurement should be carried out, place the ammeter mode, an exciting working range of the test circuit portion of currents with a margin of not more than 50% of the optimal value current. Otherwise, the internal resistance of the meter can lead to disruption of the operation mode in the test circuit portion. After the measurements, restore the chain.

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