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Meaning of the name Natalia

Natalia loves to chat

"Natalia" The name comes from the Latin male "Natalis". However, there is another opinion research about the emergence of the women's behalf - from the Hebrew "Nathan."

In Russia, "Natalia" - one of the most popular girls' names.

Natalia as a child

This girl is quite independent, veryactive and cheerful. Natasha can be called a leader in relationships with friends. This fidget often initiated various games with them than trying to win. Even in the most mundane or hide salochki Natalia can bring new ideas, from which friends will be ecstatic.
Vigour this child often displaysparents themselves. So Natasha often punished for disobedience. But, having stood once again in the corner, she again starts the winds come up with a new fun, which is not always to the liking of the senior.
Study this girl is given very easy, Blogit is dominated by five and four. At the same time it can not be called Zauchka. Natasha manages and actively participate in various school activities and clubs to visit outside the walls. This girl manages the day to do many things, but also to take a walk with friends.
Natasha always for a cause, and therefore ready to stand up for any offended. The girl with the same name can stand up for even the most obscure classmates if she can not stand up for themselves.

Adult Natasha

Even as a teenager Natalia stronglydesire to quickly start an independent life. She clearly knows what he wants and is how to achieve this. Such ambitions girls lead to frequent quarrels with her parents, who are trying to manage it. But the strong-willed Natalia will stand your ground and do not allow to control their own destiny.

The main drawback of this girl - touchiness. When a person can not even remember that once he had a conflict with Natasha. But she held her resentment and revenge necessarily in the future.

This is a very strong personality. Third Party people may decide that the woman in front of them balanced, calm, even a little cold. But this is misleading. Close friends with her passionate temperament, and mood swings.

Natalia loves flattery and compliments in her address. From friends and family it will not tolerate criticism.

This woman loves to travel. She is ready to haunt the different countries of the world, is it not tire. Another hobby of Natalia - painting. She's creative nature and waiting for praise from others. If it works do not appreciate the surrounding positively, it may be interpreted as disapproval on their part, and even offended.
The girl is getting married soon, as tendsexperience all the delights of family life. The experience at this age is not great, and it is often wrong in choosing a life partner. But for its part, a woman will make every effort to create a home cosiness and harmony. Natalia is a faithful wife and a good mother. The concern is not to deprive her husband and relatives, because he understands that a man appreciates his family. In the house, women often have guests, which attracts a cheerful disposition hostess.

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