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VALUE of the name Natalia


Natalia loves communication</a>

The name "Natalia" came from the Latin male "Natalis". However, there is another opinion of researchers about the emergence of this female name - from the Jewish "Nathan".

In Russia, Natalia is one of the most common names for girls.

Natalia in the childhood

This girl is quite independent, veryActive and cheerful. Natasha can be called a leader in relationships with friends. This fidgeting is often the initiator of various games, where they try to win. Even in the most common hide and seek, Natalia can bring new ideas, from which friends will be delighted.
The vigor of this child sometimes leadsParents of themselves. Therefore, Natasha is often punished for disobedience. But, having defended once again in the corner, she again starts all the hard, comes up with new games that are not always to the liking of the elders.
The study of this girl is given very easily, in a diaryIt is dominated by fives and fours. However, it can not be called a zauchkoy. Natasha has time and actively participate in various activities of the school, and visit mugs outside its walls. This girl has time for a day to do a lot of things, but also to take a walk with friends.
Natasha is always for a just cause, and therefore is ready to stand up for any offended. A girl with this name can stand up for the protection of even the most inconspicuous classmate, if she can not stand up for herself.

Adult Natasha

Even in adolescence, Natalia stronglyThe desire to start an independent life as soon as possible. She clearly knows what she wants and represents, how to achieve it. Such ambitions of the girl lead to frequent quarrels with parents who try to lead her. But the strong-willed Natalia will stand on her own and will not allow her to rule her destiny.

The main disadvantage of this girl is touchiness. At what a person may not even remember that he once had a conflict with Natasha. But she harbored resentment and will certainly avenge her future.

This is a very strong personality. Outside people can decide that before them a woman is balanced, calm, even a little cold. But this is a deceptive impression. Close friends are familiar with her fervent temperament, as well as a sharp change of mood.

Natalia adores flattery and compliments to her. From friends and family, she will not tolerate criticism.

This woman loves to travel. She is ready to visit many countries of the world often, it does not bother her. One more hobby for Natalia is painting. She is creative and expects praise from others. If her works are not appreciated positively, she can perceive this as disapproval on their part, and even take offense.
The girl early marries, as she seeksTo experience all the delights of family life. Experience at this age is not great and she often makes mistakes in choosing a life partner. But for her part, the woman will make every effort to create a home of comfort and harmony. Natalia will be a faithful wife and a good mother. She will not take care of her husband's relatives either, since she understands that a man appreciates his relatives. In a house a woman often has guests attracted by the cheerful disposition of the hostess.

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