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Dishes at the stake: how to cook crumbly buckwheat


Cooking at the stake has its ownFeatures: the degree of heating is difficult to regulate, so that the dishes from the cereal are burned, then they are undercooked or overcooked. Therefore, for the preparation of crumbly buckwheat, it is better to use a special "bonfire" technology.

Dishes at the stake: how to cook crumbly buckwheat



Fill the bucket with buckwheat in a clean bowl andFill it with cold water. At this stage, the main thing is not to pour water "by eye", but strictly observe the proportion of 1: 2 (for one part of buckwheat - two parts of water), measuring the rump and water with a mug.


Add salt - it's more convenient to do this until the bowler is on fire. You can also add a handful of sliced ​​dried vegetables - carrots, onions, tomatoes or sweet peppers.


Put the boiler on the fire. Better if buckwheat is cooked on medium heat - the slower the heat, the better the croup will be cooked and the more delicious the porridge will be. If there is no opportunity to regulate the pot's position above the fire - just try not to "unclog" the fire until the porridge is removed.


If you plan to cook buckwheat with stew- open the jars beforehand, remove the layer of fat (you can immediately send it to the cauliflower), cut the meat with a knife or mash with a fork. Despite the fact that the stew does not require heat treatment, it is best to add it to buckwheat before boiling water, and not at the end of cooking - then the porridge will become saturated with "meat spirit".


When the water in the cauldron with buckwheat begins to boil -Remove the kettle from the fire, close the lid and put it next to the fire - in the zone of "heating the hands" (where the heat from the fire is still well felt, but does not burn the hands). Leave to stand for 15-20 minutes. Heat from the fire will prevent rapid cooling of water, and buckwheat will "break up", absorb the remaining water and go to readiness. If you add stewed meat to buckwheat - after the lid of the boiler is open, mix the porridge properly so that the meat is distributed evenly. Loose buckwheat on the stake is ready.


Porridge, cooked according to such technology, is very tasty. In addition, the infusion of fire makes it possible to avoid burning, the porridge does not adhere to the walls and bottom of the boiler, which makes it easy to wash the dishes.

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