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May holidays: How to relax in 2014

May holidays: How to relax in 2014

If the long New Year weekend Russians jokingly called "winter break", the series of May holidays can safely be called "spring break."

The days in early May, the Russians traditionally celebrated on a grand scale: one - on urban demonstrations, others - in the summer the beds, and the third - in the open air with barbecue and other food.

In 2014, the May Day celebrations will last as much asseven days. However, they will be in two phases. This year, the May weekend turned slightly shorter than in previous years. This is because before several holidays with the Christmas holidays were transferred in May. In 2014 January, it was decided to transfer only one holiday (Jan. 4) May (2 May).

Labour Day

In honor of the Day of Spring and Labor the Russians in 2014will rest with 1 to 4 May. At the same time the last working day before the succession of events - April 30 - will be reduced by an hour, according to the Labor Code. It is written so that the pre-holiday can be reduced by an hour. However, not all employers follow this recommendation.

Victory Day

This great holiday falls in 2014Friday. This day is an official holiday. In addition to the May 9, the Russians will rest on Saturday and Sunday, 10 and 11 May. At the same time May 8 will be reduced.

No hyphens weekends are planned in 2014, as the official holiday is not coincided with the holidays. All holidays fell on working days this year.

Russians will work between four holidaysday - 5, 6, 7 and 8 May inclusive. The first working day after a series of events will be Monday, May 12. It will take place in the normal mode, ie without reducing the working time.

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