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Mawashi sumo wrestler: the big boys

Mawashi sumo wrestler: the big boys - big thong

Wrestler - the so-called Japanese sumo wrestler. Mawasi or mawashi - a belt sumo wrestler, specifically tied around the body.

Since sumo wrestling is a traditional Japanese martial art, this terminology is used throughout the world.

Mawashi sumo tradition

Sumo - the ancient traditional martial arts,practiced in Japan until now. Each match between wrestlers are accompanied by numerous rituals, one of which is a special clothing wrestlers - belt sumo wrestler, called mawashi. This is the only clothing that is acceptable for the fighter.

Some fighters hung on his mawashi Sagar - a decoration which carry a decorative function. They do not mean anything and does not represent.

Mawasi is a special belt -wide belt of dense tissue. As a rule, use the dark matter, but it happens that some sumoists serve light mawashi. The belt is worn on the completely naked body, he wrapped several times around the torso wrestler and between the legs, and then fixed with a special assembly. Since mawashi - it's a long tape, all the garments in the wrestler's body is really a bit like a thong.
Place fighters battle called Doha. If one of the mawashi sumo wrestlers lose to Doha (eg, untied the belt), it means automatic disqualification. Gedza - Chief Justice - strictly ensures that the traditions and rules are strictly adhered to.
The meaning of this, at first glance, strange apparelfighters for the following: as the Sumo involves seizures, the fighters should wear as little as possible to contribute to the vulnerability of this side. For mawashi impossible to grasp, and therefore a traditional belt, though it may seem unusual looking far from sumo man, yet very functional.

Variations mawashi

As a rule, experienced and qualified wrestlers wear special mawashi - silk. But in amateur sport this kind of dress is sometimes worn directly on the shorts or briefs.
There is a separate type of mawashi - kesё-mawashi. This zone, which is more like an apron. It is richly decorated with embroidery and hanging elements. Such mawashi used only for ritual purposes, it is not allowed to fight.

Other attributes of the sumo wrestler

To make a sumo wrestler or hair tie mawashi requires special knowledge of the art in modern Japan virtually forgotten outside sumo or conventional theater.

According to the traditions, sumo wrestlers grow longhair before the fight that fit into a special hair - bun on top. Fighters from the top division makes a slightly different, complicated hairstyle that not only looks more intricate and beautiful, but also softens the blows of the enemy. For example, if a fighter drops his head down, the force of hitting his head on the fur coat with a special beam will be substantially less.

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