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Maternity leave: how to withdraw it before


In life almost every woman there comes a time when it is ready to experience the joy of motherhood.

And then, finally, after some effort, you will learn that you are pregnant. Fortunately there are no borders, glad you and my husband, as well as all of your relatives.

What else you need to - in front of the happy days of pregnancy and the decree - maternity care.

How to get away on maternity leave and not to force the leadership and colleagues ogorchatsya that losing such a good officer, and together with you to share the joy?

Assist some useful tips:

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  1. It is necessary to prepare the team properly and thoughtfully that you were not only understood, but also waiting for your return from holiday with great impatience.
  2. After receiving official confirmation of her pregnancy, tell your supervisor.
  3. If you are a leader, you shouldgather all of your subordinates in any informal setting - like a cup of coffee and casually share with them your joy and discuss further actions of employees. We advise not to delay it so that you can slowly transfer the case to the selected employee.
  4. Also you need to make a detailed schedule and plan their work to be done before the departure on maternity leave and be sure to familiarize them with all my colleagues.
  5. If in the first days of pregnancy you haveailments associated with toxicity, you should discuss this with the management and agree that from time to time you will be permitted to weaker operating mode. Also warn about possible hospital, because there are cases of pregnancy, when you need to stay in a peaceful atmosphere, relax and just lie down.
  6. If possible, try to intelligently distribute the duties among staff, so you are a bit to ease the strain trustee.
  7. If all your attempts to peacefully and noblysettle all the details related to your need to go into maternity leave, still do not find understanding in your staff, it may be a signal to what could this work is not worth it to go back to it after maternity leave and look for a new one with more friendly and understanding staff.
  8. An important, before going on maternity leave,will agree on a method of communicating with employees on business issues. Those colleagues who you think is too tactless and assertive, standing politely ask that they tried to solve the problems of the workers through their own efforts, and only in extreme cases when it does require, disturb you. Remember that a pregnant woman needs rest, and after the baby is born, he will need your attention without being distracted you work. You can select 1-2 hours a day to solve workers' problems, notify employees about this time, to the calls we received only at this time.

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