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MATERIALS for the manufacture of shower trays


Materials for the manufacture of shower trays</a>

Made of the same material as the shower roomThe cockpit, the pallet is its base part, but not always, unlike the main sanitary device, satisfies the consumers' requests. The pallet can be too slippery, uncomfortable in shape or with some other flaw.

In this case, you just need to choose a more suitable one, and it is not necessary to change the cabin itself to a new one.

Enamelled metal pallets

For the manufacture of this type of palletsUsually used steel thickness of 2-4 millimeters, which is then covered with enamel of any color from the outside. Such sanitary equipment, according to the application of manufacturers, is able to withstand the impact of a 200-gram metal ball, dropped from a meter height, which does not inflict visible damage on the surface.

Enamel, which increases the thickness of steel, performs not only decorative functions, but also absorbs noise from the flowing into the shower water, absorbs vibration and quickly heats up, making the pallet warm for the feet.

This pallet is easy and easy to use, including due to the fact that it is well cleaned - the dirt on the surface of the enamel is not delayed due to the absence of small pores on it.

As a rule, such a product is installed onSpecial legs or stand / support, which provides the pallet more stability during operation. Products of this type, made of enameled metal, are fairly democratic in price and have a long service life.

Acrylic pallets

Material of manufacture - sanitary acrylicPlastic with a layer thickness of 4-6 millimeters. Advantages of this pallets performance include: low level of heat conductivity, rather low weight and hygiene, which is especially important for a family with a large number of people.

Usually, the inner side of such pallets is reinforced with fiberglass fiberglass with the assumption of polyester resins in the composition.

Manufacturers supply their equipment with additional spraying, due to what on the pallets much more irritating housewife races are formed and small scratches are not visible.

The design of acrylic pallets also includesA base plate of 16 millimeters at the bottom of the device and a metal frame made of steel or aluminum, reducing the risk of deformation of the pallet. Due to these qualities and design features, sanitary equipment, although less durable than metal, but easy to clean, keeps warm for the feet and has good grounding.

Pallets made of cast marble

The thickness of pallets of this type is from 2 centimetersArtificial marble, made from granite chips and glutinous composition. This is a very strong plumbing device with a low slip coefficient after water hit it.

This is perhaps the most durable variety of pallets that perfectly absorbs noise from falling drops of water inside the shower, and also provides a large selection of color solutions and textures.

Other materials of manufacture

Specialty shops offer their customers also cheaper pallets made of cast iron and ceramics. Nevertheless, they are bought and used much less.

Cast-iron pallets have such a negative property as low noise insulation, and the second type of sanitary equipment is very fragile and easily breaks due to chips or breaks.

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