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Materials for a kitchen apron and requirements

Materials for a kitchen apron and requirements

Kitchen apron - a section of the wall between the working surface and furniture.

This area is considered to be independent and to its execution has its own rules.

Kitchen apron can be considered a person and an integral part of the kitchen interior.

Materials for kitchen apron can be varied. The main requirements for following him:

1) apron must not be afraid of no high temperatures or hot objects or pairs.
2) The apron should be moisture resistant and deformation was not confirmed due to the constant contact with water.
3) The apron should be easy to clean by any means, including alkaline detergents and abrasive materials, with care apron should take a minimum of time.
4) Kitchen apron should be part of the interior, not only fit harmoniously into the overall design of the kitchen, but also giving her uniqueness and originality.

Generally, as material for the skirtused tiles - it is easy to wash, it is resistant to water, high temperature and has high resistance to chemical cleaning agents. Also, tiles are so diverse that sometimes there is difficulty with her choice. The most practical for the kitchen apron is a tile with a matte surface. Miniature version of the tile is a tile - it has the same properties as the full-size tiles, but gains from the aesthetic point of view.

Another popular material isfibreboard - MDF. Plates with laminated surface differ affordable prices, quick installation and ease of care. These plates carry both high temperature and constant humidity.

Durable materials for kitchen apronIt is steel. It can be both brilliant and mirrored and matte (which is more practical in the kitchen conditions). Stainless metal with a structural surface - ideal for kitchens. He easily cleaned and scratches can be easily removed by simply jammed them.

The original in terms of design isapron of glass. Making this apron you can constantly change, as well as the apron of glass can be supplemented with unusual lighting, the color of which can also be changed depending on the desires and mood. Care for a glass apron is very simple. This apron can be removed from the wall, if necessary, to clean it thoroughly.

Prestigious material for kitchen apronconsidered a gem. This can be granite, basalt or marble. This material is not only environmentally friendly, but also practically eternal. Cleaning the stone surface treatment is supplemented by special trains with wax.

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