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MATERIALS for kitchen apron and requirements for them


Materials for kitchen apron and requirements for them</a>

A kitchen apron is a piece of wall between the work surface and furniture.

This zone is considered independent and there are rules for its registration.

Kitchen apron can be called the face of the kitchen and an integral part of the interior.

Materials for the kitchen apron can be varied. The main requirements for them are as follows:

1); The apron should not be feared neither by high temperatures, nor by hot objects, nor by steam.
2) The apron should be moisture-proof and unconfirmed deformations due to constant contact with water.
3); The apron should be easily cleaned by any means, including alkaline detergents and abrasives, while taking care of the apron should take a minimum of time.
4); The kitchen apron should be part of the interior, not only harmoniously fitting into the overall design of the kitchen, but also giving it uniqueness and uniqueness.

As a rule, as a material for the apronTiles are used - it is easy to wash, it is resistant to water, high temperature and is characterized by increased resistance to chemical cleaners. Also, the tile is so diverse that sometimes there is a difficulty with its choice. The most practical for the kitchen apron is a tile with a matte surface. A miniature version of the tile is a mosaic - it has the same properties as a full-size tile, but wins from an aesthetic point of view.

The next popular material isWood-fiber plates - MDF. Plates with a laminated surface are distinguished by democratic prices, quick installation and easy maintenance. These plates carry both high temperature and constant humidity.

Durable material for kitchen apronIs steel. It can be both shiny and mirrored, and matte (which in the kitchen is more practical). A stainless steel with a structural surface is ideal for the kitchen. It is easy to clean, and scratches can easily be eliminated simply by wiping them.

Original in terms of design isApron of glass. The design of such an apron can be constantly changed, as well as an apron of glass can be supplemented with an unusual illumination, the color of which can also be changed depending on the desire and mood. Care for the glass apron is very simple. At the same time, if necessary, the apron can be removed from the wall to be thoroughly cleaned.

Prestigious material for kitchen apronIs considered stone. It can be granite, basalt or marble. This material is not only environmentally friendly, but also almost eternal. Cleaning of the stone surface is complemented by processing with special compositions with wax.

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