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How to master the art of beautiful speech

How to master the art of beautiful speech

A person with oratory, people able to captivate the attention of the beautiful and rich speech.

It seems that this is a special talent and communication skills to master not everyone's strength, but it can be learned by using the simple secrets.

Reading aloud

Just 10-15 minutes of expressive reading alouddaily will help to develop speech, increase vocabulary, hone intonation and diction. While reading is formed grammatically correct speech. Read aloud the need to literature with a large number of turns of fine and refined vocabulary. Speak the text need not himself, and in a loud voice, employing at the same time not only we, but also the ears. You can choose from several books most beloved to train for a while only to it. Over time, you will notice that disappears "angularity" of speech and tongue-tied, improving the style and phrases are beautiful.


The effect of reading aloud to consolidate retelling of the text,during which the need to use the exact words that were used in the original source. This method activates the passive vocabulary, adding to it over time a large number of new words.

Writing interesting phrases and expressions

Interesting turns, unusual phrases andwords, witty expression recommended that you write in a notebook or computer file. The collection should be regularly updated, and re-read selectively interesting phrases you need every day, so that they were fixed in the memory. Only in this way will harmoniously integrate them into question when dealing with people.

Work with synonyms

Dictionary of Synonyms Russian (or any other)language - not the most fascinating book, but if you approach the study of synonyms correctly, you can get great pleasure. You can start with a few sentences in which every word must be replaced synonymous without loss of meaning. The vocabulary will be enriched, and some replacement results will laugh from the heart, raising the mood further.

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