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How to master street dancing


How to master street dancing</a>

Street dances are a wide range of dances of different styles, performed directly on the streets, in nightclubs or schools.

The most important difference between street dance and other forms of dance art is the improvisation and interaction of dancers with the audience and with each other.

The history of street dances and their types

Street dances appeared in the 1970s in the USA. They were born right in the streets when the population began to increase in the cities. Young people practically "lived" on the streets, being brought up and growing up thanks to the dance. They carried out playing equipment from the house and competed in dances with whole blocks and streets.

The uniform of dancers was always free. All movements and tricks were thought up not by professional choreographers, but by ordinary people, who were called street dancers.

Many styles of funk and hip-hop are typesStreet dances. These include new-style, breakdance, locking, popping, R'n'B, house, etc. Most often these styles are intertwined, giving the dancer the opportunity to express himself.

Street dance is always performed only under modern music in the style of pop or disco.

Training in street dances

If you like street dancing, you have all the opportunities to master them. You can learn to dance at any age, only the degree of your desire is important here.

Sign in to the dance studio. Such studios are open in almost all major cities. There you will learn all the basic elements and tricks. Advantages of this type of training are group sessions. Their benefit is that you can watch how other dancers move, bringing out something interesting. Besides, it's very fun to dance in a group. And when you can freely dance, you will have the opportunity to improvise.

If you do not have the opportunity to attend a dance studio, do not drop your hands. Find on the Internet special video lessons of street dances. You can learn straight from the comfort of your home.

Another 10 years ago, no one could have imagined,That street dancers will teach their art to other people. They were all considered hooligans, and now the video with their performances not only look, they learn.

Decide which direction of this dance you like, and find a training video. Preference is given to specialized video schools, in which real professionals teach.

Try to repeat all movements, and you will feel freedom, and also learn the possibilities of your body. Then sharpen the individual movements, bringing them to perfection.

Doing dancing at home, choose only comfortable clothes and take care that no one interferes with you.

Most importantly, believe in yourself. Having learned to dance street dance, you will not only find a great hobby, but you will feel confident in any nightclub and at any party. And remember, dancing is a sport, where you will get a healthy body and a healthy spirit.

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