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Master of summer and autumn wreath

Wall Wreath

One often forgets about the beauty of nature. Look around!

Beauty everywhere: in the summer - in the full-blown fragrant flowers, autumn - in multi-colored leaves under your feet, in the winter - in the spruce twig.

Cultivate children's love of nature, and they grow good and clever.

Make with your child these beautiful wreaths and decorate their wall, a window or a table.

Summer wreath

- Thick sturdy provoloka-

- nitki-

- moh-

- Wild flowers and herbs.

We turn solid (steel) wire into the ringand preparing the groundwork for the wreath: bind bunches of moss using a thin wire that turned out pretty loose rim thickness of 5 cm moss moistened with water and begin to weave a wreath.. Short grass and flowers (stem length of 5 cm), associate in bundles and insert in moss (at an angle) so that the corolla of the next beam covered stems predyduschego- all tie beams to the base of a strong thread. This garland decorate a wall or window.

Autumn wreath

- Strong wire (steel) -

- A thin wire (copper) -

- soloma-

- Any vegetables (onions, garlic, beets) -

- Herbs (dill, bay leaf).

Create a foundation: steel wire is turned off in the ring and fastening the ends to tie this ring beams straw thin wire. The finished framework should be sufficiently dense, 5-7 cm in width to decorate the wreath:. Herbs and bay leaf associate in bundles of thin wire and vegetables strung on wire and fasten to the base by twisting the ends of the wire. This wreath with seasonal fruits, too, will delight you, but not more than a week.

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