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Master classes on water manicure

Be beautiful.

Water manicure beautiful and impressive looks.

You do not have to go to a salon and spend a lot of money, and you can make such a beauty on their own.

You will need

  • - Varnishes 4 shades
  • - Stick or toothpick
  • - capacity
  • - water
  • - Fat cream
  • - napkin



Prepare the workplace. In a small container, pour water at room temperature. Take the first paint and drips into the water, Do the same thing with other varnishes several times. You will notice, like a drop of water will disperse and you have a multi-colored circle.


Cane or a toothpick on the educated circles hold a straight line, as if the draw snowflake. As a result, you get a beautiful flower.


Drop fingers into a container and nail exactly lays downon nails. Keeping nails in the bath for about 10 seconds, then remove your hands. You have to wait, that would paint has dried, after which you can start marigolds on the second hand, follow the procedure from the beginning again.

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