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Masks for narrowing the pores on the face

Masks for narrowing the pores on the face

Advanced facial pores spoil the beauty of our skin,the pore walls are stretched due to the hard work of the sebaceous glands. In particular this applies to people with oily skin, as well as people with the formation of acne and blackheads.

Traditional recipes of masks at home to help get rid of skin impurities and narrow pores on the face.

Protein orange mask.
Peel 1 medium orange peel. Chop the pulp using a trowel. In a separate bowl, whisk 1 egg white. Add to it grated orange pulp and a couple of tablespoons of oatmeal. Stir. Apply the mask on 30 to 40 minutes.

The mask of sauerkraut.
Take 1 to 2 leaf cabbage, mash in the hands andapply on face. Hold for 10 minutes. A juice can also be used. 50 ml. juice of sauerkraut mixed with 20 g. oatmeal. Apply the mask for 10 15 minutes.

Cucumber mask.
Take 1 cucumber and 1 avocado. Grind to a fine grater. Add 3 drops of lemon juice. Stir. Apply the mask with a thin layer on a 10 to 15 min.

The mask of baking soda.
Take 2 tbsp soda, dissolve in 100 ml. boiled water. Mix until a thick consistency. Apply the mask on for 1 minute, gently massaging the skin. Rinse with cool water.

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