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MASK dandruff henna


Henna - an inexpensive and effective means for hair care.

It can be used for dyeing, and for the treatment of hair.

Henna strengthens the hair, gives shine, eliminatesdandruff and reduces hair loss. Henna has no contraindications but are hypersensitive to the substance, it can be used during pregnancy and lactation. Caution should be used henna on the hair, previously exposed to chemical wave, it is not recommended to combine painting and henna treatments using chemical dyes and care products. You should also know that after exposure to henna to dye your hair will be difficult to complete washout of the natural dye.
Before applying the mask is recommended hennawear gloves and use protective cream along the hair line, as difficult to wash the dye from the skin. You can not mix components of the mask in a metal bowl in order to avoid chemical reactions. If the purpose of the mask - only the treatment of hair, then wash it with shampoo is necessary if it is required and staining, rinse only need water and then applying the balm-conditioner. The mask is applied to clean hair.
Recipe mask with henna dandruff:
•; Henna - 100 r
•; Milk - 1 stakan-
All components are mixed and apply the mixture on the hair is dried gently for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. The mask should be done once a month, the course is designed for six months.

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