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MASK from dandruff from henna



Henna is an inexpensive and effective means for hair care.

It can be used for dyeing, and for treating hair.

Henna strengthens hair, gives them shine, eliminatesFrom dandruff and reduces hair loss. Henna has no contraindications, except individual intolerance of the substance, it can be used during pregnancy and lactation. With caution, you should use henna on hair previously subjected to chemical wave, it is not recommended to combine coloring and treatment with henna using chemical dyes or care products. You should also know that after the influence of henna, dyeing your hair will be problematic until the natural dye is completely washed away.
Before applying a mask from henna, it is recommendedPut on gloves and apply a protective cream along the hair line, since the dye is hard to rinse off the skin. Do not mix the components of the mask in a metal container to avoid a chemical reaction. If the purpose of the mask is solely the treatment of hair, then it needs to be washed off with shampoo, and if it requires coloring, flush only with water and then use a balm conditioner. The mask is applied to clean hair.
Recipe masks with henna from dandruff:
•; Henna - 100 g-
• Milk - 1 glass-
Mix all ingredients and apply the resulting mixture to slightly dried hair for 15 minutes. Wash off with warm water. The mask should be done once a month, the course is designed for six months.

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