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MASK against bruises under the eyes

Mask against a black eye

Bruises under his eyes - an imprint of fatigue,stress, lack of sleep, heart disease, kidney or thyroid. Therefore, in order to get rid of this cosmetic defect, you must first remove the cause bruising.

Consult a health care professional, you can expect a positive effect, and by carrying out cosmetic procedures for the care of sensitive skin around the eyes.

The most effective means of rejuvenationare masks. They can be made at home. To do this, use fresh products of excellent quality, for cooking utensils must be clean.

Preparation of the mask takes about 10 minutes. Another 20 minutes later, she applied. Thus, a total of 30 minutes a week can afford to pay each of the fair sex in order to look fresh and radiant.

Mask based on butter and herbs

Prepare a small amount of fresh parsley, wash and dry it with a paper towel kitchen. Finely chop and grind, you can use a blender.

The resulting slurry is thoroughly mixed withbutter. The oil should be at room temperature. Mixing is necessary, observing the proportion of 1: 2. If possible, can be used instead of butter, cocoa butter. After 20 minutes, wet cloth remnants of the mask.

The mask has an excellent tonic effect, nourishes the skin and smoothes wrinkles. By doing the procedure on a regular basis, after a while the blue circles under the eyes become lighter or disappear altogether.

Tired skin will be tightened in the area around the eyes. Reduce facial wrinkles or age, skin becomes well-groomed, and will shine with freshness and health. Rested look and courage will give the impression of active, interesting, attractive girl.

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