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WHEN celebrate Youth Day

When the mark Youth Day

Youth Day is an annual Russian national holiday and is celebrated on 27 June.

Initially, it was celebrated on the last Sunday of June, and in some cities, this tradition has survived to this day, despite a presidential decree to postpone its date.

history of the holiday

holiday story began more than fifty yearsago. The first Youth Day was held in 1958. And a few months before this, his creation was officially confirmed in the corresponding Decree of the Government of the USSR. While Youth Day celebrated annually on the last Sunday of June.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the situation is slightlychanged. Russian President Boris Yeltsin issued a formal order, according to which the entire population of the Youth Day was now to celebrate 27 June.
The younger generation - the future of any country. That is why the government is trying every way to show support for those who have reached the age of majority. At the moment, largely expanded opportunities for young people and a range of guarantees from the State. Many schools began to organize special interview, in which employers during his studies selected the most talented students for future employment. This activity is carried out with a view to combating unemployment.
Do not do without the attention of the Government of young families. State provided substantial assistance in acquiring housing, improvement of living conditions and support for motherhood.

holiday Features

Youth Day is a national holiday,should celebrate it in all Russian cities. This event is not only accompanied by public festivals, concerts and other public events, but traditionally covered in many media. Published interviews with the heads of administrations, is generally considered a kind of records to which the public should be made aware.
Among the younger generation of all time, thereStability problems: smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction and unemployment. Youth Day in a sense, was created to address these and other issues. For example, the Presidential Decree established a certain framework of celebration of this day. Among them, the obligatory presence in the entertainment program of sports events, which are held for the purpose of introducing them to a healthy lifestyle.
It is often carried out in Youth DaySpecial action against drug addiction, smoking and alcoholism. Such events are usually organized by youth organizations and social movements.
It is noteworthy that the June 27 Youth Daycelebrated in South Ossetia, and Belarus and Ukraine celebrate it on the last Sunday of June. Similar holidays present in the culture of many countries. May 19 Youth Day celebrated in Turkey, May 4 - in China,
June 16 in South Africa.

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