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When is the day Accountant

When celebrating the Day of Accountant

Honor the professionals of the business in Russia began in the 15th century. Famous merchant guilds and guild artisans summed up every year and celebrated the most successful and talented.

Since then, and it led the tradition of professional holidays.

It has your professional holiday andaccountant. It is not known when for the first time celebrated the profession, it is believed that the festival stood in the 19th century from the date of a bank employee.
It is worth noting that the celebration dates vary,such as November 10 is considered to be an international day of accountants, but 21 or 25 November holiday is celebrated at the official level in Russia is, in fact November 21, 1996, Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed a law "On Accounting".

Despite the difference in dates, this holiday is very important for the people of this profession, because they contribute to the development of companies and enterprises, both public and commercial.

Five centuries of history

Historically recognized as the time of occurrence of the accounting profession is a 15th century, it so happened that at this time the eminent mathematician Luca Pacioli published the first book on the basics of accounting.
Pacioli described all the complex mechanisms and processes of interaction of the science, or rather, he presented the following topics:
- The balance of the reduction,
- Accounting,
- Thesaurus
- Basic knowledge that everyone should know this specialist area.

Accountant discord

Day Accountant celebrated in many countries around the world,and there are even a number of distributions on the geographical origin. For example, in Russia on November 15 is the day of the St. Petersburg accountant, and on the 16th of the same month - day Moscow accountant.

Why holiday dates vary, hardly anyonecan reliably explain. It is believed that this was done deliberately in tsarist Russia, that officials had personally congratulate the respected people in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

By the way, according to recent data and surveys in RussiaToday there are over three million accountants, this profession has become very popular among the students in the late nineties. According to statistics up to 2003 per student place claimed up to 17 people. In the two thousandth labor market was glutted, and the profession began to quickly lose relevance. There are even predictions that within the next 5-7 years, accountants and all cease to be in demand, replaced by computer technology for accounting and balance information.
Summing up, we can safely say thatcelebrate accountant can officially at the international level November 10, the remaining four probation festive day of November "take" his accountants tradition.

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