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How to mark the ground under the greenhouse

How to mark the ground under the greenhouse

Some inexperienced gardeners choose a place in the greenhouse as a residual or guided at the same time more than considerations of landscape design than practicality.

But if you want to get the most out ofthis building, which occupies a place on your site, it should be taken into account when marking not only the needs of plants, but also the design features of a greenhouse.

How to choose the best place for greenhouses

Take a closer look at the site with the highest sitea flat horizontal surface located so that the next high fences were of it from the south and west. This would provide plants that you grow in a greenhouse, the maximum amount of natural daylight and sunlight. The more the two, the greater the fertility of you will ensure that a piece of land that is allocated to the greenhouse.
When you plan the beds in the finishedconstruction, orient them along the length of the walls, which are located in the direction from north to south. This will ensure that the plants evenly distributed light energy, allowing them to obtain the most useful for photosynthesis morning and evening servings of sunlight.

Marking places of greenhouse

Align the selected area irrespective ofwhether greenhouse mounted on a concrete foundation or directly on the ground. If the right to the ground, try to lay out not really to stamp the ground, better bypass land allocated under the greenhouse, on the perimeter. Align horizontal surface can be using some fixed point - part of the capital construction or the extreme of its base line.

The design, built strictly vertically aligned at the bottom, will evenly distribute all the loads on the frame and to avoid damage or deformation of its parts.

Choosing the main landmark, the two pegs and hammerTie the rope between them, which will be located along one of the walls of the future greenhouses. To mark the best use a spirit level. The length of the other sides of the rectangle - the projection of the greenhouse on a piece of land - it is possible to measure with a conventional tape measure to set the right angles, use a T-shaped building Norma.

Glazing of greenhouses produce in dry calm weather, to wind gusts do not interfere with installing windows, and they were slippery with moisture.

Carefully attach to each other all the detailsstructure. Note that sail from this facility is large enough that the strong gusty winds can lead to the destruction of greenhouses and crop damage. In that case, when you decide to pour bearing bolts for strength cement, be sure to observe the technology and wait for the mortar to dry completely before proceeding to the subsequent assembly of the structure. To "rose" cement, may require 48 hours.

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