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Margarita Mango

This wonderful drink comes from Latin America. "Margarita" fairly well-known alcoholic cocktail.

Mainly from the drink thrilled the beautiful half of the Earth.

The cocktail add tequila and lemon or lime juice.

Another cocktail add some liquor - often citrus.

Option drink with mango has a gorgeous color and bright flavor.

You will need

  • - 1.5 cups tekily-
  • - 1.5 glasses of orange likera-
  • - 2 cans of canned mango-
  • - 2 layma-
  • - 2 tbsp. spoon sahara-
  • - Edible ice.



Take a lime, rinse under running water, wipe dry, peel, rub on a grater. Leave a little zest to dry for 10 minutes, then sprinkle in it in 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar, stir.


Open the cans of canned mango,remove the mango pieces and place them in a blender, pour in to the same tequila, orange liqueur. Pour sugar to taste, all you can do without it. Mango syrup we do not need.


Of the two limes squeeze the juice, pour into a blender, whisk all ingredients cocktail.


Add the pieces of ice in a cocktail, stir. "Marguerite" is always served chilled.


Take the glasses for "Margarita", moisten the edges, dip in sugar to create a beautiful "frost". Pour the resulting cocktail glasses hang on the edge of a piece of fresh lime. Serve immediately.

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