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MANUFACTURE OF PLATE: how to make your own hands


Plate making: how to make your own hands</a>

An electric or gas stove is an indispensable attribute of the kitchen.

It must be installed in strict accordance with safety regulations.

The nuances of creating a connection depend on the model of the plate and on the features of the room.



The kitchen in which the cooker, cookerSurface or oven, must necessarily be equipped with a ventilation system. Modern requirements to the safety and hygiene of the living space oblige to install the hood directly above the place of placement of the plate. If you can not afford the installation of the exhaust unit, then you must necessarily equip the window with a powerful fan.


If you build a plate in the countertop, then itsThe material should be with a heat resistance of at least 100 ° C, and a thickness of at least 25 mm. If there are cabinets on both sides of the plate, the distance from the cabinet wall to the edge of the plate should be 15 cm, not less. The distance to the wall of the kitchen is 5 cm. Unfortunately, it is sometimes impossible to observe these rules, especially in small kitchens of Khrushchev and brezhnevok. Therefore, between the stove and the cabinet you need to build a non-flammable thermal insulation material.


Connect the electric board after checking the grounding. The socket, into which the cord of the plate is stuck, should lead directly to the switchboard. No extension cables and adapters can be used.


If the cooker is gas, then it can be connectedShould only a specialist in the gas service. When the connection is completed, the gasman checks the tightness of all connections and makes a mark in the passport of the installed equipment. Since the gas is recommended to be closed after each cooking, the crane should be in an accessible place for adults, and its handle should be easy to control. The last stage of installing a gas cooker is the adjustment of the flame. It should burn evenly without yellow glimpses.


Many modern gas stoves are equipped with electric ignition. In this case, the process of installing the plate includes the electrical work described in the third step.

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