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How to manually update avast

How to manually update avast

"Avast" - one of the most popular anti-virus products.

Updating anti-virus databases of the programThere are two ways: in automatic mode, if the program is installed on a computer connected to the internet or an offline method, if there is no Internet.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Installed program "Avast".



Run the Avast anti-virus update manually, it requires a computer connected to the Internet to link to the official website of the program http://avast.com/eng/update_avast_4_vps.html and download the archive with the updates.


Copy this file to the computer on whichyou need to update antivirus databases Avast, unzip it to any folder. Next, select the program that folder as the update source. Start the Avast update.


Copy the Setup folder, it isAvast program in the folder at the following path: Alwil Software / Avast / Setup. Move the folder to a computer that does not have Internet and need to update the database "Avast"Manually.


Stop the program, for this right-click on the program icon in the system tray, select "Stop scanner access." Next, navigate to the folder containing the Antivirus and remove the Setup folder. Copy instead a new folder from another computer, with no need to reboot the system. Make sure that the installation path of the program "Avast"On both computers are identical.


Go to the main menu of the operating system by using the "Start" button, click "Control Panel." Select the following menu "Add or Remove Programs", click on the item from the list of anti-virus "Avast"(Eg, avast! Home Edition). In the resulting menu, click "Remove" and then "Reset". Wait until the process is complete, restart your computer. Update "Avast"Manually completed.


Copy the folder with the installed and updated "Avastom "file 400.vps, you can find it at the following path: C: / Program Files / Alwil Software / Avast / DATA. Insert it into the installation folder on your computer Avast to update antivirus. Then restart your computer. Check the software update.

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