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How to manipulate people

How to manipulate people

American philosophy has long recognized that in human development the most, it is the greed and lust for power.

But this is not so bad, of course, within reason. The fact that one person wants to subjugate another, for example, in a conversation, there is nothing wrong with that.

Manipulate companion, guide your general conversation in that direction, which is convenient to you, or even to make sure that people began to listen to you.

All this is possible, if you know some tricks in psychology.

You will need

  • In order to understand how to use psychology in their own interests, it is necessary to adopt the following:
  • Absolutely everyone has any dissatisfaction, or otherwise, and weakness.
  • Weaknesses are different, most often: the need for respect, adulation, love, recognition of (social), physiological (sleep, food, sex), self-realization, in material prosperity, security, etc.
  • This is the basis, before applyinga psychological trick in order to bring the conversation in the direction you want, or induce a person to any action, it is necessary to understand what the problem is, or weakness in man. Next, you have to, based on already acquired knowledge, to act as if giving it, that was not enough. Now we will look at the basic techniques:



The surest way to establish a trust relationship in an interview is - "mirror your" buddy.
Do not hesitate to copy the facial expressions, gait,hand gestures, tone of voice, rate of speech, etc. But do not get caught, do everything naturally, just as it does your partner do not have to watch every gesture interlocutor, imbued his condition, it's match with the state, and only then, can "lead" his interlocutor. By "lead" means that you can direct the conversation wherever you want, and you can even enter your interlocutor in the state that you need, be it anger, fear, sympathy or enthusiasm. Once your partner feel that you are the same as he was then followed his behavior and mood will directly depend on you.


A pity.
With this technique well have small children. The purpose of this reception - encourage others to want to do something for you that you need. Call pity in most cases is not difficult. The main drawback of this technique is that you may be misunderstood or not even pay attention.


"Yes, three."
The reception is quite simple. Asking the interlocutor 3 formal question, to which he replied: "Yes", and then, ask a question in response to which you want to hear, too, "Yes," and your partner by inertia will be inclined more to the positive response, rather than a negative.
1) That the personnel department?
2) Are you Tatiana?
3) I spoke with you on the phone?
Can you give me 10 minutes, right now?


Choice without a choice.
The purpose of this reception - to raise the question as to when answering the man thought that he had a choice and he said because he wanted to, and in fact his only response details.
For example:
-I Would like to continue our conversation. What part of the day you have less busy tomorrow?
-The First.
-Good. I'll call you after lunch (Either ". Good, then meet at 16:30 at ....").


Admission is not for every case, but no less effective.
The purpose of this technique - makeinterlocutor decided that you fully agree to his words and do not have any objections. You totally agree with everything that they talk, nod your head throughout the conversation, "assent", and in the moment when your communication becomes an easy and friendly, you add the fact that you can make more like this and like that, and gradually take away to the conditions that you are comfortable.
The main task - the gradual and unhurried.


We have all heard the phrase: "Do not promise more than you can do." But if we are talking about that, interest in human conversation from which we need something in the next 30 minutes or longer (depending on what you promise), it is possible that this technique is that you need. Promise to appear more interesting to talk to, or promise to make any single targets. The main thing - do not overdo it.


Everything is very simple.
Each speaker - inspires, as if to say the same thing often, your words will sound like a prophecy.


Fear and blackmail.
Not very ethical welcome, but about its effectiveness is unlikely anyone would dare to argue.
"Fear - the best motivation." This is true, but not for all. It is rather an extreme reception. This is not a threat, it is a question about how to encourage the person to do something, as a result of fear of something, whether it be the Bible, the monster under the bed, the parent and much more. Fears each person fully.
Example: "Do not go for a walk today in the evening, because my mother would scold"

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