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Well-groomed hands</a>

It is said that the true age of a woman can be determined by the state and appearance of the hands.

Anyway, almost any member of the fair sex can support the youth and attractiveness of pens.

The hands are exposed to the dailyAdverse factors. This is the contact with water and detergents, and temperature drops when entering the street. It is very important daily skin care for this part of the body.

Always wear gloves or mittens whenThe arrow of the thermometer begins to drop below zero. This will help prevent airing and cracking of the skin on your hands. If these unpleasant moments still occurred, use a fat cream.

Each time after contact with water, apply toHand moisturizer. It protects the skin and eliminates overdrying. During cleaning, hand washing, washing dishes, do not forget to wear protective household gloves. Do not neglect this advice, because it is much easier to prevent unpleasant consequences, than to fight them later.

Pamper the pens by making a course for them. For this, pour warm water into a small bowl and add 1-2 tablespoons of sea salt. Hold hands in water for 20-30 minutes. Do the baths every other day for 2 weeks. This procedure will have a beneficial effect not only on the condition and appearance of the skin of the hands, but also will strengthen the nails.

Do not forget that scrubs are also usefulNecessary to the skin of the hands, like any other part of the body. They fight the dead skin particles, gently removing them and, thus, updating the upper layer of the dermis. Use peeling at least 2 times a week.

Do not forget about the manicure. Very badly spoiled the appearance of the hands of groomed nails.

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