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manicured hands

Well-groomed hands

It is said that on the state and appearance of the hands can determine the true age of the woman.

Whatever it was, the power to virtually any of the fair sex to maintain a young and attractive handles.

The hands are exposed daily to externalunfavorable factors. This contact with water and detergent, and changes in temperature when entering the street. It is very important for daily skin care of this part of the body.

Always wear gloves or mittens whenthermometer needle starts to fall below zero. This will help prevent chapping and cracking of the skin on the hands. If these unpleasant moments still occur, use a fat cream.

Each time after contact with water, apply onhand moisturizer. It protects the skin from drying and save. During cleaning, hand washing, washing dishes do not forget to wear protective gloves household. Do not neglect this advice, it is far easier to prevent unpleasant consequences, than to fight them.

Treat the handle, making them baths course. To do this in a small bowl, pour warm water and add 1-2 tablespoons of sea salt. Hold hands in water for 20-30 minutes. Take bath every other day for 2 weeks. Such a procedure would be beneficial not only to the condition and appearance of the skin of hands and strengthen nails.

Do not forget that scrubs are also useful andneeded skin of hands, as well as any other body part. They are struggling with the dead skin cells, removing them gently, and thus, updating the top layer of the dermis. Use peeling at least 2 times a week.

Do not forget the manicure. It spoils the appearance of well-groomed fingernails.

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