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How to manage a team

How to manage a team

Not all leaders see the need to promote their people, and if they are trying to somehow stimulate them, you are doing it wrong.

The principle of "none of my business, I know nothing" in any business does not work.

If you think big, you understand that your success depends on the team, in which you work.

Build positive thinking in the collective

Man thinks not by words but by images and sensations. If you have heard of something unpleasant, my heart immediately becomes difficult - to create a sensation.

Create in the minds of other people's positiveimages even in the most hopeless situation. Feel the difference: "This segment is almost fully occupied - 90% of our target audience covered, we were late in entering the market" and "There are 10% who can become our potential customers, let's think about how to do all of these 10% of their clients."

In the first case, the team will developbleak picture, the second - people will seek a solution to a specific problem without attitude to failure. Needless to say, in any case, the company succeed?

Use words that express positive emotions

For example, instead of simply asked "How? The case, "ask a question" How do you feel, "And when you ask like that, you can say," Terrible, his head bursting "or" great. " A person always feels good, more partners than perpetual whiner.

Use a good word to describe otherpeople missing during a call. This will give confidence to your friend, and that about him, you will never say a bad thing. Also, be sure your words reach your subject for conversation. Teamwork should always be painted in bright colors of friendship, mutual assistance and support.

Speak positively about the work plans

Compare: "Good news! We have announced the action by doing that we will get ... "and" Management has given us a new job. We'll have to strain to execute it, or else ... ". Adjust for victory rather than defeat.

When you change your attitude to his own words and learn to always find the prospect of even the most hopeless case, rise through the ranks will be short term.

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