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How to manage school

How to manage school

For directors of educational institutions is a huge responsibility - education of the new generation. Of course, there are differences between private and public schools.

However, it was from the management of the quality of education depends.

How to properly manage the school?



The well-known idiom "cadres decide everything" manydirectors overlooked. And for good reason. It is up to you, who will teach children - recent graduates of pedagogical universities or the person with years of experience.


The introduction of new technologies, innovativeequipment is up to you. The availability of interactive boards, new computers depends desire of children to learn. Podcasts or cassettes to English lessons, multimedia presentations or text reports - the most important financial decisions are made by the school principal.


From the preceding paragraph are closely related programsretraining of teachers. The city and district training centers can increase the category of teachers. But that takes money school, time, and motivation of employees. If you manage to find these resources, improve the quality of the learning process does not take long. In English video and audio materials will be used for mathematics - problem solving using software on the multimedia board, and physics - homemade solution of problems with sending e-mail response.


You can enter into the curriculum additionalthe passage of free e-learning courses. Coursera.org provides an opportunity to improve language skills and expand knowledge of the school curriculum. In addition, your pupils will be able to participate in international exchange programs and prestigious competitions.


If you manage to enter the competitive spirit inthe learning process, children will answer "fives" and victories in regional and city competitions. In turn, the victory will attract additional funds to the development of the school - grants, bonuses and premiums.


Focus on delivery of the exam - the trend of the Russianeducation. On the one hand, the importance of the final certification can not be overestimated. On the other children in school once. They should get the message body of knowledge and skills necessary for life. Find a balance in teaching your colleagues between attitude to the exam and additional knowledge - a problem of the modern director.


The content of school costs money. To solve the financial problems you can only together with the assistant manager, accountant, advises parents and the city administration. And if the composition of the latter two, you will not be able to influence, the caretaker and accountant should be tested in human beings, protected the rear. It is desirable that the accountant had experience in industrial or commercial enterprises - it will allow both to save money and acquire significant resources.

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